11 Awesome Jobs In Toronto You Should Apply For Right Now

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11 Awesome Jobs In Toronto You Should Apply For Right Now

Searching for jobs is like digging for gold now a days. It's not easy to find one that you like, and if you do they are very valuable.

Many people are super lazy to do the research, so we've done it for you! If you're looking for a job that is interesting and won't have you yawning all day long, take into consider one of these 11 job opportunities you can apply to now:

1. Social Media Manager // Workopolis

Manage the B2C, B2b, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube social channels of Workopolis. That's pretty chill, no? You'll create sharable material that will help you gain and engage with followers to expand the brand and content. Let's be honest, chances are you're probably a social media already.

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2. Brand Ambassador & Promotional Model // Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is Toronto's leading promotions, media and event staffing agency. If you join their team you will partake in various sporting events, corporate parties and fashion shows around the country. Are you a confident and social individual? This is the perfect job for you!

Apple here now!

3. Graphic Designer // Altis & Excel

For those of you looking for a job in the graphic arts industry, consider applying to this job. Do you have the software/ artsy skills? If so, you'll be the perfect candidate! It shouldn't be hard for you to work on websites, brochures, advertising, post cards and several other graphic design projects if you've got the background.

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4. Bike Courier // TurnAround Courier

Make up to $20 an hour biking around the downtown core. TurnAround Courier is seeking individuals to deliver and pick-up food from Monday - Friday between 5pm-10pm and on Saturday and Sunday between 4pm- 10pm. Do you love biking? Sounds like the perfect way to get fit during the summer!

5. Uber Driver // Uber

Cruise around the GTA and meet some cool people. Think about it, you can work whenever you want and make up to $20.59+/hour in fares. If you're car is pretty much your bf/gf, this job is the perfect fit for the relationship you have with your vehicle.

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6. Tattoo Artist // Tattoo People

Do you have a serious love for ink and art? Tattoo People is looking for an experienced artist that is capable of doing a lot of custom work. Dudeeeeee that's so rad.

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7. Retail Sales & Customer Service Rep // Apple

Apple has taken over the world. According to Apple, there have been over 700 million iPhones sold up to date. If you've got amazing people skills and are capable of pursuing anyone to buy anything, consider working for Apple as an Apple Expert. Best part? Employees can get a 25% discount on a computer, iPod or iPad. They also get a 50% discount on Apple software and Apple care comes with a 25% discount.

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8. Mac & Cheese Staff // Mac & Cheese Festival

Ok let's be honest here, who doesn't love mac & cheese? The largest m&c festival is coming to Toronto this summer and they are recruiting staff for the festival weekend! If you can't get enough of cheese, become the cheese hero of the festival!

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9. Beauty Boutique Expert // Shoppers Drug Mart

Are you the make-up artist of your friend group? Do you have a serious obsession for beauty products? Shoppers Drug Mart is looking for a cosmetics sales rep that will drive sales for the company by selling the top cosmetic products in Canada.

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10. Wine Specialist // Escalade Wines & Spirits

Attention Vino experts! Make use of your persuasive and energetic personality and become a sales rep for Escalade Wine & Spirits. You'll be responsible for conversing with LCBO and restaurant reps, organizing and creating displays as well as tastings. If you wine knowledge is on point, you're definitely qualified for this job!

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11. Groomer Trainee // Petsmart

If you're an animal lover, this job is the first step to becoming a pet groomer. You'll learn how to pamper all types of dogs and cats, in order to become the best of the best Pet stylist! Wouldn't that be cute?

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