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11 Bars In Toronto To Drink Alone Without Feeling Awkward

It's totally acceptable to drink solo.
11 Bars In Toronto To Drink Alone Without Feeling Awkward

At times finding company to drink with can surprisingly be a problem. If you're totally down to have a cocktail or beer but no one is down to join you, what do you do?

For your convenience we have gathered a list bars at which you can drink at alone without feeling awkward. If you're in the mood to go out for a drink and your friends suddenly flopped on you or you can't find anyone to go with, consider checking out one of these places:

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1. Apt 200 // 1034 Queen St.W

The welcoming homey-like decor allows you to enjoy a drink without feeling awkward at Apt 200. Check out the arcade games, take a seat at the bar and chat up with their super cool bartenders. Apt 200 provides the perfect atmosphere to sip on a cocktail without any company.

2. DW Alexander // 19 Church St.

This social club is located in the lively Church St. community. The trendy atmosphere and lip-smacking cocktails allow you to lay back and enjoy the positive vibes. It's the perfect spot to get some post-work drinks after a long day and appreciate your own company because it's a very inviting bar.

3. No One Writes To The Colonel // 460 College St. 

This upscale lounge is a hot spot to check out in one of Toronto's most cultural neighbourhoods, Little Italy. The vibrant venue has as a lot of character and a welcoming environment. The cheerful spirit will have you drinking in no time without feeling any awkwardness. There are over 80 drinks on the menu for you to choose from, which include classic and speciality crafted cocktails.

4. The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St. W

There's always something going on at The Drake, that's why it's acceptable to have a couple of drinks on your own. Whether you're chilling on the patio, drinking in the lounge or stopping by to watch a live music performance, there are several entertainment options available t to enjoy alone.

Photo cred - @travelwithyourhearts

5. Queen St Warehouse // 232 Queen St W. 

If you're heading over to Warehouse on Queen, there's no need to have company. Take a seat at the bar and the staff will give you all the attention you need. Not only are the bartenders super cool, but the clientele is very social, and it's always LIT! P.S it's totally possible to get some Jamie on the house, especially if they see you coming in alone.

6. Rush Lane // 563 Queen St W.

Rush Lane is a premium cocktail bar located in the Queen West neighbourhood. The employees are very attentive towards their guests, therefore walking in alone will never be a problem. Every mixologist at Rush Lane will make your experience super memorable and you're guaranteed to have one of the best cocktails crafted in the city!

7. The Gas Light // 1426 Bloor St W.

This hidden gem is located in the heart of The Junction. The candle lit venue sets a comforting atmosphere for every individual that walks in the door. The Gas Light has a wide tap selection, therefore it's a great idea to stop by and grab a refreshing beer because it's a beverage that is totally suitable to drink alone.

8. Carbon Bar // 99 Queen St E.

Carbon Bar is a casual spot that has an urban chic feel to it. The ambiance is very fun and vibrant due to the artsy decor and welcoming staff. After having a couple of flaming shots at the bar, you're guaranteed to be entertained.

9. Cold Tea // 60 Kensington Ave.

Looking to be adventurous while drinking on your own? Cold Tea is very chill and fits perfectly in Kensington Market. Have some drinks while listening to good music and you'll appreciate the company of strangers. The cool thing about this place is that it has the ability to make everyone feel super exclusive, as if you're a member of some hip private club.

Photo cred - @jerrysobie

10. Reposado // 136 Ossington Ave.

Tequila always makes any given situation better! Reposado makes drinking alone acceptable because the wide range of tequilas available at this bar will keep you jolly. The service provided by staff is very friendly and the overall atmosphere could be rated A+.

11. Shangri-La Lobby // 188 University Ave.

It's totally normal to have drinks alone in hotel lounges. The Shangri-La lobby bar has a five-volume collection of spirits, cocktails and wines to choose from. Enjoy a beverage in front of the cozy fireplace while listening to live music played on the grand piano. The geisha servers provide great service and will make sure there is no awkwardness during your drinking experience alone.

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