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11 Basic Toronto Pics Every Toronto Fvckgirl Has Taken

Toronto is an amazing city, but it isn't immune to fvckgirls. Whether it's a basic pic or Snapchat, we have all had our fvckgirl moments at some point in our lives. Whether you are a fvckgirl through and through or have your moments, there are always the staple Instagram pics that can be found on a typical Toronto fvckgirl's feed. So check out these 11 basic IG pics every Toronto fvckgirl has featured on her Instagram at least once: 

via @katzenkarussell

The #OOTD pic in Graffiti Alley.

Nothing pairs better with a mosaic blanket scarf from Aritzia, "Toronto vs Everybody" t-shirt and your newest purchase from M boutique than one of the walls in graffiti alley as your backdrop.

via @malvamarengo

The CN Tower shot, incase you didn't see '📍Toronto' in her bio.

Listen, no hate on the CN Tower I get it's our city's monument but there are only so many ways you can take a picture of the damn thing!

via @rroussel01

The "I'm fronting like I live in Yorkville but don't actually" snap.

You didn't just spent a month's worth of rent on an LV never full to not get a pic standing in the streets of Yorkville with your shopping bag front and centre showing the brand name.

via @say_fay_low

The Frings photo she takes during her birthday dinner.

If a Toronto fvckgirl goes to Frings and doesn't post a pic in front of the neon sign, did she really go? The answer is no. # 6️⃣ 🔛 🅰️ 🌊

via @alex_smith91

The pic of her getting sporty at the Blue Jays game.

Toronto fvckgirls are so dedicated to the gram that they'll sit through a 4 hour baseball game if it means they get that signature Rogers Centre pic with a beer in hand #sports.

via @beckyfphotos

The 'I'm a tourist in my own city' shot from Ripley's Aquarium. 

When a Toronto fvckgirl wants to take a break from EFS and have a chilled night out, you'll probably find her posing in front of one of the jellyfish tanks at Ripley's.

via @budweiserstage

The annual Summer snap at Budweiser Stage.

Nothing says Summer like an obligatory lawn photo at Budweiser Stage surrounded by goose poop am I right? Country shows seem to draw out the most fvckgirls with cowboy boots and straw hats in tow.

via @teah.pelechaty

Her token AGO pic to space out the amount of clubbing photos she's got on her feed right now.

Yea 90% of Toronto fvckgirls might spend their time rotating nights between Rebel or EFS, but there is so much more to them than that, they're #cultured. Catch your typical Toronto fvckgirl posing in front of admiring a piece by the Group of Seven at the AGO when she isn't enjoying bottle service!

via @or__artstagram

The obligatory picture in front of the carousel at The Ex. 

When Summer winds down and the Ex is back in town, Toronto fvckgirls are on it like stink. From the food hall to the game midway you'll be updated on every crazy food or ride they encounter via snapchat. Though to cap the day off with one official post to the gram, it seems most fvckgirls have a soft spot for the carousel. *Honourable mention to the typical ferris wheel photo.

via @efs_toronto

Her weekly repost of her friends and herself at EFS.  

EFS is the watering hole for Toronto fvckgirls and guys alike, so catch your favourite Toronto instagram baddie getting booths and bottles weekly.

via @curiocitytoronto

The "I went to the island today" insta.

I'm genuinely starting to think that every fvckgirl who visits is legally obligated to post this exact photo to get access onto the island.

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