It never fails: we spend way too much on the food we eat, sometimes, in order to think we’re getting a great meal. But what if we can spend less AND get amazing food? WHAT? Yeah, we know, great right?

King West is bustling with tantalizing tastes and amazing atmospheres, waiting to show you an excellent dining experience. We’ve got a few lined up for you, so you don’t have to look too hard or too far. Take note, you won’t want to miss out.

Photo cred- @wilburmexicana

1. Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St. W

Delicious Mexican food is found in its glory at Wilbur. Just looking at the food will have you drooling, and the prices are amazing for what you get. Did we mention the BEST guacamole?

Photo cred- @bellybustersub

2. Belly Buster Submarines // 389 King St. W

It's pretty safe to say these tasty sandwiches will have your belly gasping (for more room, but also for more food). Made to perfection, you'll be savouring every last bite, and then some.

Photo cred- @vivianwsli

3. Nook // 469 King St. W

Brunch, lunch, or whatever your meal, Nook has what you're looking for. A cozy spot in the heart of Toronto that offers dishes to warm you up even on the coldest of days.

Photo cred- @fornocultura

4. Forno Cultura // 609 King St. W

There's honestly nothing better than authentic Italian food. This cafe offers genuine Italian culture in a cafe, whether you just feel like a coffee or a full meal and dessert. Your options are truly endless.

Photo cred- @loudawgs

5. Lou Dawg's // 589 King St. W

Sporting excellent pulled pork, Lou Dawg's doesn't disappoint as a go-to for pub food and fun. Any time of day, you'll be happy you dropped by, and your wallet will be too.

Photo cred- @backypho

6. Bac Ky Vietnamese Canteen // 567 King St. W

Feeling pho? You'll get a delicious bowl at Bac Ky! Anything of Vietnamese cuisine that will fill your craving, they've got it, and at the highest standard of quality.

Photo cred- @wvrst

7. Wvrst Sausage Hall // 609 King St. W

Definitely on a different side of things, you won't regret getting adventurous at Wvrst. Eat enough meat to your heart's content, and experience amazing tastes with an international feel.

Photo cred- @porchettaandco

8. Porchetta & Co. // 545 King St. W

The perfect sandwich has found its home. Porchetta & Co. makes excellent sandwiches with gourmet flair. You won't be able to get enough, ever, so let the craving begin!

Photo cred- @lucetoronto

9. Luce // 791 King St. W

What's that? Fresh pasta AND alcohol for under $20 paired? Say no more, we're there, and you should be too.

Photo cred- Cabal

10. Cabal // 782 King St. W

Fancy gastro food? Don't mind if we do! You'll find fairly priced excellence at Cabal, with good service and ambience to match. You'll never feel this fancy on a budget, until you've tried Cabal.

Photo cred- @lumarestaurant

11. Luma // 350 King St. W

Get cultural at one of the city's most diverse restaurants. With a menu that showcases various international flavours and dishes, you really can't make a wrong decision here. Greatest decision will be to get a table ASAP!

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