Living in Toronto we get introduced to so many different delicious cuisines that it is nearly impossible to decide what is our favourite. Yet when it's a cold day in the city there is nothing that will warm you up quite like getting some hot pot.

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There is something about building your own pot of meat, veggies or noodles. It's amazing when you can customize your food to exactly your taste. Whether it be for a group or just for yourself, a warm meal just knows exactly what we need.

So if you've never tried hot pot, don't worry! Now you have 11 new restaurants to try out ASAP and you'll be thanking us when you've discovered your new favourite food.

Chine Hot Pot & Noodles // 327 Spadina Ave.

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Oh hot damn, this is my jam. Chine has a great selection to make your hot pot unique and delicious, plus a decor that feels classy without feeling fancy. Not only that, they also offer veggie broth for the herbivores out there.

Hot Pot on Yonge // 5441 Yonge St.

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This all-you-can-eat hot pot spot is serving up some serious competition. Hot Pot on Yonge is known for its delicious food but is on the smaller side, so make a reservation to avoid disappointment!

Little Pig Hot Pot // 3260 Midland Ave. via

It may be out of the way but Little Pig is serving up big flavour. With decor that is funky and original, plus hot pot that will change your life, it's easy to see why this restaurant is turning heads.

Celebrity Hot Pot // 254 Spadina Ave.

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Are you really a Torontonian if you haven't been to Celebrity Hot Pot? No, you definitely are not. With friendly service, loads of variety and for a fair price, nothing is better to warm you up!

Kim Tao Hot Pot // 10 East Wilmont St.

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Kim Tao knows exactly what we like when it comes to a good bowl of hot pot. Whether you're a spicy fan or not, there are plenty of options for base broth and choice of ingredients. Grab a friend and make the trip, the all you can eat will not cause regrets.

Made In China Hot Pot // 371 Yonge St.

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This restaurant's decor will transport you to China, from their decor to their authentic dishes. With traditional Chinese food, amazing curries, and lots of hot pot options, this is ideal for a group of picky eaters!

Morals Village // 436 Dundas St. West

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With over 600 locations in China, you can understand why Morals Village is the go-to for delicious food in Toronto. Whether you're all in for the Special Platter, or just an average joe looking for all-you-can-eat hot pot, make sure you check them out (BONUS: House made ice-cream people, is anything better?).

Master Mix Hot Pot // 261 Spadina Ave.

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Just as the name suggests, Master Mix Hot Pot is some of the best in town. From the outside, this spot may not look up to much but once sitting down you're in for one of the best meals of your life.

Hot Spicy Spicy Chinese Restaurant // 173 Ravel Road

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This North York spot knows how to make the best spicy hot pot in the six and everyone knows it. True to its name, this Sichuan-style cuisine is a spice-lovers dream. Be sure to order the beef in sour soup, a bonus dish off their hidden menu!

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot // 421 Dundas St. West & 2543 Warden Ave

With two prime locations for easy dining anywhere along the subway line, Little Sheep has some of the best hot pot in the city. Choose between a small or large pot and boil all of lifes problems away.

Seoul Restaurant // 621 Bloor St. West

Offering all kinds of Korean food, Seoul also knows how we like our hot pot. Creating a casual atmosphere, this spot wins over customers by their no-frills approach to cooking. With fair prices for such huge portions, no one ever leaves disappointed.