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11 Best Places To Eat In The Kensington Market

Never be hangry.

Kensington Market is a very multicultural neighbourhood in Toronto, therefore there is a variety of cuisine to choose from. Are you in the mood for Jamaican or Mexican? Perhaps you're in desperate need of a greasy burger or you'd simply like to have a coffee with a sweet.

Many Torontonians enjoy strolling the streets in Kensington Market and of course after all the walking, you'll want to eat. There are a lot of places to choose from but the question is,  what are some of Toronto's favorite spots to have a meal in this neighbourhood?

Here's a list of 11 Best Places To Eat In Kensington Market: 

1.  Rasta Pasta // 61 Kensington Ave.

The name says it all, Rasta Pasta combines ingredients from the Jamaican and Italian culture to create their dishes. Grilled paninis and jerk chicken make a fabulous combination btw. Their meat is very flavorful, tender and the prices are really affordable(their lunch special is only $5.00!!!) The hype around this joint is real - once you try Rasta, you'll be coming back for more.

Must try: Jerk chicken panini.

2. Seven Lives // 69 Kensington Ave.

If you're into tasty mexican food, grab a bite at Seven Lives. Their food is always fresh because most of their ingredients come from local grocery stores in Kensington. All the tacos are mouth-watering and reasonably priced

Must try: Baja tacos.

3. Fresco's Fish & Chips // 213 Augusta Ave.

Fresco's food is always fresh. Haddock, halibut, cod, salmon - there's plenty of fish to choose from. Their oil is low in saturated fat because they use a blend of healthy canola and corn oils that are non-hydrogenated. Coleslaw is prepared in house and their chips are cut daily. You can enjoy flavorful fried food in a much healthier way at Fresco's.

Must try: Haddock fish and chips.

4. Amadeu's // 184 Augusta Ave.

Amadeu's is one of the best spots in Toronto to get Portuguese food. Pair up a nice cold beer with one of their seafood dishes and enjoy the spacious patio on a beautiful day. Many locals and neighbourhood strollers love going to Amadeu's because of it's chill ambiance, great service and traditional Portuguese cuisine.

Must try: Grilled or steamed Grouper.

5.Tortería San Cosme // 181 Baldwin St.

You won't be eating tacos from this Mexican restaurant, but you will be drooling from their traditional Mexican sandwiches. There are nine sandwiches to choose from, made with fresh baked thin crust bread and your choice of meat.

Must try: Milanesa

6. Jumbo Empanadas // 245 Augusta Ave.

If you've never tried authentic Chilean cuisine, check out Jumbo Empanadas. Are you in a rush somewhere but you'd like to grab a quick bite to eat? Order an empanada from here. They are made with delicious fillings, using ingredients like olives and hard boiled eggs in their meat empanadas. You have the option of either getting a snack or meal size empanada.

Must try: Chicken empanada

7. Celebrity Hotspot // 254 Spadina Ave

Many Torontonians love coming by this place to enjoy traditionally cooked chinese food. Whether it's drunk at night or after a hangover, Celebrity Hotpot does the deal. They use the finest cuts of meat, top quality seafood and fresh vegetables for all of their dishes. Eat copious amounts of food,(it's all you can eat for $20.00) but be prepared to cook your own meal using a hot pot.

Must try: Drunken chicken.

8. Hibiscus // 238 Augusta Ave.

If you follow a gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or organic diet make sure to check out this family-owned cafe. Hibiscus is famous for their buckwheat crêpes, but they also have delicious soups, salads and several desserts that will satisfy your crave.

Must try: Homemade vegan dulce de leche kiwi.

9. Average Joe's Cafe // 245 Augusta Ave.

Average Joe's is a popular all day breakfast joint in Kensington Market (open from 9:00 am -4:00 pm.) It's a really cute venue and is fantastic for weekday brunch or coffee because it's usually packed on the weekends. The staff is very friendly, prices are affordable and the food is very flavorful and well presented.

Must try: Baked egg served with your choice of side.

10. Fika // 28 Kensington Ave.

The word fika comes from the Swedish language, meaning “coffee break.” In Sweden, it's a standard to enjoy fika every couple of hours. Many people go to this sweet cafe to enjoy a coffee along with a pastry, while others have their breakfast or lunch.

Must try: Fika cardamom spiced latte + semlor with seasonal jam.

11. The Burgernator // 269 Augusta Ave.

This place is by far one of the best burger joints in Toronto because their burgers are hugeeeee and mouth-watering. Have one of their 9 burgers of mass destruction, with chili cheese fries and perhaps a deep fried mars bar. I'm pretty sure the interior design and menu was put together by a couple of guys because the walls are black and the food items are weapon related. The Burgernator will not have you disappointed, there are different flavours catering to different taste buds. Vegetarians, don't feel left out because they have a menu for you as well!

Must try: Atomic burger

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