If you're looking to show your BFF you care on their special day, why not take them out for their birthday?! Or if you would like to be treated, tag your BFF in the comments and be as passive aggressive as you like ;)

These 11 places are all super unique, so there is sure to be something on the list that your BFF would love.

And don't worry, you don't actually have to tell anyone you're getting older, unless you have already celebrated being twenty-two four times.

1. Kanpai Snack Bar // 252 Carlton St.

If you BFF is a bit of a foodie, Kanpai Snack Bar is sure to impress them. They will be impressed by your out of the box choice, and super stoked that they can get an amazing Insta!

2. Figo // 295 Adelaide St W.

If your BFF is looking for something a little more bougie, take her to Figo. There is a beautiful patio, and they offer an extensive wine list. What more do you need for the perfect birthday?!

3. Recess // 60 Sudbury St

Treat yo girl right with a boozy brunch. Recess is home to some amazing breakfast food that is sure to cure your BFF's hangover from the night prior, or she can just cure the hangover with a mimosa?

4. Java House // 537 Queen St W.

My broke babes, this one is for you! I get it, you spent too much at the bar and can't pick up a huge tab for our number 1's b-day. Java house is crazy cheap, and has awesome sangria and pad thai. If you know me personally, this is where I want to go. Thx.

Photo cred -@kristyniky

5. Piano Piano // 88 Harbord St. 

True friends buy each other extravagant pizzas. Piano piano has an adorable exterior (check the location tag on Insta, worth it.) and an awesome menu. This place is also fairly new, so you get extra points for being in the know.

6. The Chase // 10 Temperance St.

If your BFF is a summer baby, you definitely need to take advantage of Chase's awesome patio. Enjoy some fine dining and spectacular oysters while celebrating you BFF's special day.

7. Cafeteria // 974 College St.

If your BFF is a little on the picky side, take them to Cafeteria. Cafeteria offers the classics like burgers and fries, but puts a modern spin on them. This will place will please your entire girl gang, along with your picky pal.

8. Lisa Marie // 638 Queen St W.

This is the perfect place to treat your BFF from out of town. Lisa Marie is new to the city, and quickly became a favourite of Summerlicious. Plus it's in an easy to find location, so your GTA babes won't have too hard of a time meeting you here!

9. Enoteca Sociale // 1288 Dundas St W.

This is a great spot if you're looking to bring a larger girl gang. The staff at Enoteca Sociale are extremely accommodating and super friendly. Plus the food is amazing and is sure to impress all your friends.

Photo cred -@alexxstrickland

10. Harlem Underground // 745 Queen St W.

This place kills it with their crazy caesars, unreal chicken and waffles, and extensive drink menu. So if your BFF likes any of the three things listed above, this is where they should be spending their birthday!

11. Bellwoods Brewery // 124 Ossington Ave.

If your gal pal is more of an aps and alch type over a nice meal, then this is the place for his birthday "dinner". Get tipsy on Bellwoods cozy patio while snacking on some of their aps, nothing says happy birthday like wine and cheese!

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