Is it ever a bad time for sushi? Unlikely. You could be sitting in class, or hard at work, and sushi is just the perfect food to squeeze into your day. Honestly, just the fact that I mentioned it, you're craving it now aren't you? I'd say that I'm sorry, but you won't regret eating it.

It's a good thing we have a list for you to choose from. Hit up any of these spots on your break for some of Toronto's best in Japanese cuisine.

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Aji Sai // 813 Yonge St. & 467 Queen St. W

Aji Sai offers a pleasant sushi experience with reasonable prices for everyone. Most of the items on the menu fall under the $20 range, barring party trays, and fixed buffet prices at $14 for lunch and under $25 for dinner.

Suggested Menu Item: Spicy Crab Pizza (Sushi Pizza - $6.95)

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Spring Sushi // 10 Dundas St. E (Yonge & Dundas)

As if ordering all-you-can-eat sushi off of menu-sized iPads wasn’t cool enough, the modern ambience and fixed lunch prices hovering around $16 are all more than enough to get you and your friends hooked.

Suggested Menu Item: BBQ Eel Roll (contains BBQ Eel + Cucumber)

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To-Ne // 414 Queen St. W (Queen & Spadina)

To-Ne’s menu speaks for itself and the experience is not to be passed by. Specials typically hover around $15, with exceptional quality in a more formal dining environment.

Suggested Menu Item: Sushi & Sashimi Boat Tray (Small – 40 pc - $39.95) – AMAZING to split with friends.

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JaBistro // 222 Richmond St. W (Richmond just west of University)

If you’re a commuter on the go, a businessperson ready for lunch, or just searching for a place to dine before a night out, this is unquestionably an option to check out. Right off of University, JaBistro is a cool place to go to when you get the opportunity. The quality presented on your plate is worth every dollar. Consider this a place for celebration!

Suggested Menu Item: Ochamame (roasted green tea infused edamame)($6.00)

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Akashiro // Located in the Urban Eatery in the Eaton Centre (Yonge & Dundas entrance is closest)

Options, options, and MORE options! You are given a more formal sit down option, or if you’re in a rush feel free to take out sushi from a quick bar in the front of the restaurant. Most dishes are priced around $15, with the exception of combos, leaving both your stomach and your wallet very happy when you leave.

Suggested Menu Item: Negi Hamachi Hand Roll (green onion + yellow tail tuna)($4.95)

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Ki // 181 Bay St.

Definitely one of the more upscale option on our list, but Ki is very well priced (and we’re thankful). Ki is by far one of the best sushi restaurants Toronto has to offer, in the heart of the city and offering a fresh and current dining experience.

Suggested Menu Item: Tokyo Fries (“fingerling potatoes, crispy pancetta, king crab, bonito flakes, spicy mayo + balsamic reduction”)($11.00)

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Kyoto House Restaurant // 143 Dundas St. W (In Between University & Yonge)

It’s often hard to find variety on a lunch menu, with great quality food AND affordable pricing, but this place has exactly what you’re looking for. Kyoto House offers a fixed price of approximately $12, and a lunch menu teaming with options for any hungry patron.

Suggested Menu Item: Shrimp Tempura Udon ($10.99)

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Blowfish // 333 Bay St.

Your inner foodie will explode with happiness at Blowfish. Quirky plating and delicious flavours will bring you nothing but joy to the table tonight.

Suggested Menu Item: Spicy Tuna with Rock Shrimp ($16.00)

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Kaji // 860 The Queensway

Originality, freshness, and quality. Could there be a better mix? Kaji is Etobicoke's hotspot for delicious food and a classy experience.

Suggested Menu Item: The tasting menu offers several items for a flat rate, giving you the full experience of what sushi is meant to be.

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Sushi On Bloor // 515 Bloor St. W

With a mix of quick service and a vast variety of menu options, Sushi On Bloor offers affordable food and AMAZING taste. All lunch special items fall under $10, making it easy for those on a budget to stop in for a bite.

Suggested Menu Item: Rainbow Roll (“Avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo, tempura bits, salmon, salmon + tuna + white fish on top”)($8.85)

Sushi Couture // 456 Bloor Street West

In the heart of the city is this gem of a restaurant, with a modern aesthetic bold tastes. Couture anything always sounds good, so this is a place to not be skipped.

Suggested Menu Item: Tutti Frutti Maki (Banana wrapped with avocado, mango, tempura yam)($10.00)