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11 Best Toronto Brands That Will Give You Serious Street Cred

Fresh to death, dressed to impress.
11 Best Toronto Brands That Will Give You Serious Street Cred

Walking the streets of Toronto, our streetwear defines who we are. Whether its individual styles, or the commonalities that make us a community, these are the aspects that characterize T.O., the 6ix, and the hottest and most stylish place to be. (Thanks Drake).

We love to represent our city, through out style sense and the designers that make it happen, and there is no better way to do this than wear these brands with pride.

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1. October's Very Own // 899 Dundas St. W

Toronto's very own, the hometown favourite. Drake's brand has been representing the 6 forever. With their own clothing line and a store in the city itself, we have no excuses!

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2. Peace Collective

Combining quality with style, Peace Collective brings us the message "Home is Toronto", and they aren't wrong. You'll see people sporting this everywhere you go lately, and you just have to grab your own.

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3. Community 54 // 1275 Queen St. W

Community 54 gets insanely creative with each piece they put out. Unique designs and slogans representing the city leave you wanting to buy them all, and that's no problem, really.

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4. 416 Company

Stay 100% Toronto with 416 Company. Whether it's your phone, or yourself, dress in 416 fashion with no regrets. One of a kind, for sure.

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5. Illbury and Goose

Canadian made for the Canadian journey to fashion excellence. Illbury and Goose combines style with casual flair, allowing you to accentuate your character through how you dress. No complaints here!

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6. Proper Reserve // 498 Queen St. W

This shop represents individuality in the city. They sport exclusive clothes you can’t find elsewhere, as well as a quick haircut to go with your new look. Can you go wrong here? Nope.

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7. Untitled&Co

Absolutely unique in their style, Untitled&Co represents the city with a fresh approach. Street style meets the 6, from bralette to hoodies. Incomparable.

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8. The Original 6

A Toronto-based clothing brand that brings nothing but love to epitomizing the city's allure. Any look you're searching for, they'll hook you up.

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9. 6ixside Clothing Co.

They're everywhere on the 6ixside of things! This brand is completely homegrown, and you love to love it. They do pop-up shops to spark your interest every so often, so keep your eyes open.

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10. Thank You Toronto

Started from IG now they're here! With an awesome ethical message for positive change in the city, you can't help but adore this amazing brand.

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11. Forever Umbrella // 717 Queen St. W

So. Much. Swag. Need we say more? We owe it all to Tory Lanez and the Umbrella Boys, and it can be bought right here in the 6 itself.

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