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11 Burger Places In Toronto If You've Always Wanted To Try In 'n' Out

It's hard to believe it's 2017 and Canada still doesn't have a single In 'n' Out franchise. From Instagram to Twitter it's hard to escape the iconic snaps of the burgers and cheese fries and how delicious they look. Luckily, Toronto is a city full of burger joints that are just as good if not better than the iconic chain! 

Rudy // 619 College St 

Rudy's is a staple spot to hit if you want a classic burger done well. For starters the patties are cooked to order meaning you get a fresh burger. Not only that but all of the ingredients from bun to toppings are always fresh that you can pair with fries cut in house!

Dirty Burger // 192 Adelaide St W 

The Dirty Burger is the perfect option if you are looking for a boujie burger. Located in Soho House, if you order the 'dirty burger,' you won't be disappointed. The classy spin on a sloppy favourite that was made famous in London makes for a burger that will leave you satisfied and wondering how their patties taste that good. 

Doomie's // 1263 Queen St W 

Doomies allows you to pig out on a burger, without actually hurting any animals! The vegan fast food spot offers spin offs on cult fast food favourites like the Big Mac, without any meat. Not only is the spot ethically great, but the spin offs rival the originals! 

Apache // 5236 Dundas St W 

Apache is a cult favourite in Ontario for good reason. They stick to the roots that got them their 'burger fame' and continue to offer classic burgers with killer onion rings. Plus, the spot won't break the bank. So take a trip to the retro spot and revisit the 90's! 

Madame Boeuf // 252 Dupont St 

Madame Boeuf's might be new to the Toronto burger scene but they definitely are making a big splash. The spot attached to the brand's flea market offers favourites such as classic cheesy burgers, home made milkshakes and cheese fries. So arrive with an empty stomach! 

Museum Tavern // 208 Bloor St W 

At Museum Tavern you get to choose between three amazing burger options. From the prime beef double cheeseburger and buttermilk fried chicken burger to the tofu double cheeseburger, theres a burger for everyone! The spot's spin on a classic burger is not only refreshing to see but also delicious. 

Good Fortune // 130 Eglinton Ave E 

Located in the basement of La Carnita on Eglinton, the eccentric spot offers a small but awesome menu. From the crinkle cut fries to the fresh burger topped with home made hickory sticks, you are guaranteed to get not only a great burger but a great pic of the spot for insta! 

Five Guys // Multiple Locations 

A burger list would not be complete without talking about the iconic burger chain that is Five Guys. The spot is notoriously known for their massive portions and amazing food. From the fries to the burger, every location delivers a cheat day worthy meal! 

Woody's // 3795 Lake Shore Blvd W  

At Woody's the options are endless with every element of the burger being customizable, you can even add a fried egg if you'd like! So regardless of what you decide on from patty to toppings, you are guaranteed to have a great burger. 

The Works // Multiple Locations 

The Works does gourmet burgers well without a single location falling short of what you would expect! From the fresh toppings to the killer caesars available on the menu,  the spot is an easy pick if you want a burger but can't be bothered to find a low key dive to fulfill your craving! 

Holy Chuck Burgers // 1450 Yonge St 

The specialty burger list at Holy Chuck is an extensive one, and I highly recommend turning it into a bucket list for yourself because they're all amazing. From all beef to vegan options, there is something for everyone and the range of options even extends over to their fries!

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