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Though Christmas is a seriously wonderful time of year, there’s always the recurring struggle of figuring out what to buy for loved ones. Personally, the bane of my Xmas existence is deciding what to offer the men in my life – my boyfriend, especially.

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As much as we love them, most bfs aren’t very decisive nor vocal when it comes to gift suggestions. We're often left frantically trying to crawl into their brains, scour the Internet, scan each store aisle, and get creative with little to work on.

Well, I’m here to ease your holiday head-scratching just a little bit. You can finally get Christmas shopping out of the way and actually spend time with your man instead. If you’ve been drawing gift-giving blanks for a while, check out these 11 Christmas presents your bf will be excited to unwrap.

1. Jameson 18-Year-Old Limited Reserve 

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One item your boyfriend will always be happy to receive? A limited-edition, collectable bottle of prime whiskey. Triple distilled and matured for 18 years in Midleton, Jameson 18-Year-Old Limited Reserve is the last of the "old" Jameson Reserves range. With subtle hints of vanilla and notes of wood, spice, and toffee, this complex-flavoured beauty goes down crazy smooth.

Gift this classic, mellow Irish gem to your man and watch his eyes light up as he runs to pour himself a glass and this elixir goes down the hatch like magic. Visit your local liquor store to purchase this incredible whiskey that'll have him wondering how he got so lucky to snag you up.

2. Whisky Stones

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The ideal accessory for your whisky beau? Whisky stones, of course! Made of odourless, tasteless solid soapstone, these useful bad boys will keep his liquor nicely chilled without diluting it. Available in tons of unique shapes, sizes, and colours, your boyfriend will reach for these convenient babies every time he makes himself a drink, and you'll defs be on his mind when he throws a couple in his glass.

3. Books

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I'm a huge advocate of promoting the power of reading. Books expand minds, enhance creativity, fuel curiosity, and keep our brains working. Whether your man is a bonafide bookworm or just beginning to dip his toes into the vast and magnificent lit pond, choose an inspiring book that'll pique his interest and keep him sharp.

4. The Glenlivet Captain's Reserve

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Do you really wanna blow your guy's socks off? Give him a taste of the rich flavour that's born when Scotland meets France in a top-notch, renowned Single Malt whisky. What's so special about The Glenlivet Captain Reserve? The fact that it was selectively finished in high-quality cognac casks, thus lending raisin-rich honey and spice notes to the incomparably smooth, citrusy profile of The Glenlivet.

Head over to your local liquor shop ASAP to snag a bottle of this newly released, heavenly Single Malt that'll send your bf's taste buds on an absolute journey as he sips on it and thinks of you.

5. Espresso Machine

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For a man who enjoys the finer things in life, coffee isn't just a plain old cup of joe; it can very well be considered do or die in terms of starting each morning. If your man is a true coffee aficionado, then feed his caffeine addiction with a high-tech espresso machine that'll FOR SURE impress the heck outta him!

You'll be insanely glad you thought of this amazing Christmas gift when he's offering to make you frothy capps and strong espresso shots on the daily. Plus, once he perfects the art of the cappuccino, he can start creating super cute milk designs.

6. Good-Quality Water Bottles

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If your boyfriend lives at the gym, participates in any kind of active lifestyle, or - you know - drinks water in order to live, trust, he'll appreciate a water bottle. Taking that a step further, he'll actually love a legit, triple-walled, vacuum-sealed, leak-proof bottle.

There are tons of brands (S'Well and Hydroflask being two of the most popular) that offer this type of premium water bottle, meaning you have tons of options when it comes to showing your bf you care about his hydration!

7. Lot No. 40® Cask Strength 11 Year Old

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Purchase a show-stopping bottle of Lot No. 40® Cask Strength 11 Year Old at your nearest liquor store and wrap it up for your boyfriend to enjoy neat or on the rocks.

Crafted in small batches using rye grain in a single copper pot still and aged for 11 years in oak barrels, Lot No. 40 is Canadian rye in its simplest, most perfected form. And, damn, will your man be thrilled to receive this bad boy!

8. Unique Coasters

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Long gone are the days when coasters were mere boring necessities to set down your drink and prevent ugly ring marks; they’ve now become a legit style statement. From thick wood to mesmerizing agate, coasters can say a lot about your man’s style, so choose wisely!

9. Fitness Equipment

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If your beau leads an active lifestyle, then help him set up his own at-home gym. Simple gifts such as resistance bands, dumbbells, ankle weights, and workout mats are super practical accessories that'll rev up your bf's motivation level on his journey to buff. When you're happily squeezing his strong biceps in a few months, you'll know you gave him the right Christmas gift!

10. Shaker Set

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If your boyfriend is into being his own bartender, he'll definitely appreciate a shaker set. With the wide variety of chic shakers now available, they also double as cool accent pieces to display on a man-cave bar. Your guy will be mixing up the perfect drink every time with his fave whisky!

11. Pike Creek® 21-Year-Old European Oak Finish

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You take the art of gift-giving to new heights, and Pike Creek takes its craft just as seriously, so it's a holiday match made in heaven! Select Canadian whisky aged for 21 years and finished in French and Hungarian oak casks for an exceptionally smooth finish, offering delicate hints of dried fruits, honey, and nutmeg.

Now, if those exquisite flavours don't scream "PERF XMAS GIFT!" well, then I just don't know how to help you out, girl. Do yourself a favour and run down to your local liquor store to get your hands on this ultimate bf gift.

These 11 awesome gift ideas will have your man smiling through the holidays and help him level up in all aspects of life. As the original single malt Scotch whisky, The Glenlivet knows that gifting one of its kick-ass, limited-edition whiskies will fulfill your boyfriend's deepest Christmas wishes.

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