Toronto is hosting it's first ever Junk Food Festival this weekend, and everyone is super excited.  If you're looking for an excuse to give into your cravings, or a prime location to visit on your cheat day, then you've found your destination!

This event is running all weekend long, and has over 20 vendors that are serving up some amazing treats.  If you don't have anything going on this weekend, treat yo'self to one of these mouthwatering options at Toronto's Junk Food Festival.

The festival will be running all weekend long at Toronto Star Building 1 Yonge Street! 

1. Smoked bacon candy beef bombs // Big D's House Of Munch 

If you like bacon, you'll love these smoked bacon candy beef bombs. They essentially taste like a mix of mouthwatering bacon and really tender ribs, and thats basically the best combo in the world.

3. Frozen Bananas // The Junked Food Co.

If you're looking for a semi-healthier option, why not go for this fruit based dessert?! Although, after dipping a banana in chocolate and loading it with toppings I guess it's not really a healthy option, but definitely a delicious one!

4. Smash Bags // The Junked Food Co.

The Junked Food Co. is know for their super delicious smash bags. If you're looking for something salty, this is your go to snack!

5. Gummy bear & smores cocktails // Wizards of the West

These cocktails are serious game changers. If you're looking for a drink that can satisfy you're sweet tooth, you have come to the right place.

7. Loaded Corn Dog // Kungfu Dawg 

Kungfu Dog takes corn dogs to a whole new level. These corn dogs are topped with crispy onions, purple sauerkraut, jalapeños, corn relish, onions and sweet pickles. YUM.

8. "Kid In A Candy" Store ice cream sandwich // Bake Three Fifty 

This crazy ice cream sandwich consists of two double chocolate cookies, with mint chocolate chip ice cream inside, topped with gummy bears, sour keys, rainbow sprinkles and chocolate sauce.

9. Smores Beignet Parfait // Beau Bakery and Confections 

This Smores Beignet Parfait is sure not to disappoint. It consists of graham cracker buttermilk beignet, smoked beer batter deep fried marshmellows, graham cracker bar, whipped cream, toasted mini marshmellows and chocolate ganache.

10. Glow in the dark ice cream smash bag // The Junked Food Co. 

The ice cream filled smash bag AKA the "Lite Brite" smash bag is totally glow in the dark. It consists of pretzels, cookie dough, sweet and salty popcorn, glow in the dark soft serve, and white chocolate!

11. Boozy chocolate dipped strawberries // Shot Berry

These chocolate dipped strawberries are completely decked out in gummy candy, mini waffles, bacon, and alcohol. There is basically no better combo.

12. Vietnamese Taco // Los Vietnamita 

These Vietnamese tacos are completely mouthwatering. If you're looking for something really unique, and super fresh, then this is your go-to!

13. Loaded hot dog // Kungfu Dawg 

Similar to the loaded corn dog, the loaded hot dog definitely goes above and beyond your average street meet. This hot dog is more photogenic than most people, and that says a lot.

P.S. Admission is free!

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