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11 Creepy Abandoned Buildings You Can Explore In Ontario

Emptiness can be beautiful.
11 Creepy Abandoned Buildings You Can Explore In Ontario

Abandoned places can be creepy and beautiful at the same time. There's something fascinating about empty spaces - the state of each structures, the writings on the walls, and the remains left behind are like pieces of an untold story that take you on a journey to the past.

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Ontario is a great location for explorers because there are several abandoned places to check out. Here are 11 of those abandoned places, in all their whimsical glory:

Note: Information is taken from the Ontario Abandoned Buildings website. All of the listed locations may have undergone changes since their discovery. This may include (but is not limited to) demolition, renovation or purchase by a third party. Please make sure to obtain the owner's permission before exploring. Have fun!

Cohen and Co. Steel Distributors


A set of abandoned buildings in Kingston appears to once have been the site of a steel operation. A sign that reads "Cohen & Co. Ltd Steel Distributors" can be seen at the front of the building, but there does not seem to be much information on them online. The facility is now owned by the city of Kingston and there are may be plans in the future to renovate it; but as of now, it is abandoned, with scorch marks, dripping ceilings and lots of graffiti visible inside.

Berryman Brownfield

St. Catharines

A recently torn down factory in Brownfield left a handful of industrial storage buildings in the nearby area. The storage buildings are empty for the most part, but there is a cool inukshuk-like structure nearby that's made from stacked concrete blocks.

Omagh House


Photo cred - thesaugaexplorer

Not much is known about this abandoned house in Omagh, Milton, but it is still explorable. There is also a nearby barn in the lot.

Holmes Foundry


The Holmes Foundry was built in 1918 by John S. Blunt. The facility was mainly responsible for the manufacture of engine casting blocks and brake linings.

W. Hatch Farm

Port Hope

Old buildings that make up the abandoned William Hatch farm can be found on a hill by the northwest side of Haskill Rd and Lakeshore Rd. The buildings may have originated as far back as 1878. The site might not be open anymore, but there's still lots of old buildings see in the nearby fields.

House on Horseshoe Hill


This abandoned family house is extremely prone to collapsing, so explorers should take extreme caution. A bunch of random paraphernalia is littered throughout the rooms of the house, and there is an old barn in the back with old radio equipment, truck parts, whiskey bottles and other interesting remnants.

Smokey's Garage


Smokey's Garage is a stop along the way to Gargantua, a ghost town in Algoma district. There are several buildings in the area that can be explored, but the garage stands out in particular. Two shacks, a car, old gas pumps, tires, an abandoned trailer and lots of trash can be found in the interior of the garage.

Animal House

Essex County

Not much is known about this house, but it appears to be an old animal slaughter house. Explorers can enter through the door and there are several things laying around the building.

Worthington Gas Station

Greater Sudbury

This old gas station is still accessible by a nearby highway. Broken windows allow for visitors to peek inside, but there may not be any readily accessible entrance points into the building. Still, the building is a great place to take cool photos and the surrounding area is great for exploring.

Buttermilk Falls Sawmill


The Buttermilk Falls Sawmill is located along the Salmon River in Napanee, which was once a main route for log transport. The mill itself is made from limestone using primitive methods, so caution should be taken when exploring this area. There is a dam at the top of the mills, as well as a few lumber storage sheds in the surrounding area.

Garage near Camp 30


This abandoned garage is located across the street from the infamous Camp 30. Though it's not actually within the Camp itself, it may now be under surveillance, so it is best to inquire before venturing out to this location. Not much is known about this building, but it is likely to have been an auto shop in the past. Its interior is filled with graffiti and other remains.

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