11 Dates Your Girlfriend Secretly Wishes You Would Take Her On In Toronto

Romance at its finest!
11 Dates Your Girlfriend Secretly Wishes You Would Take Her On In Toronto

As a girl I can confirm, we can be very cryptic and confusing. It is safe to say more often than not when we are dating someone, we will not come right and say what we mean (no all women, some). Is you girl like that? She beats around the bush, drops hints, but when you ask her a direct question like "where should we go on a date this week?", the reply is "I don't know" or "whatever you want"?

Honestly, why are we like this. If you're the girl that can come straight out and tell her s/o where she wants to be taken out- go you! But if you're the GF that is holding out and just waiting for your s/o to plan the date and exceute the date which you just expect him to know about, this article is for him.

Dear S/O, let me help you. These are just a few of the places in the city that make for great date nights and are places that may have come across your girl's mind more often than not. Next date night, try to hit up one of these places!

Pursuit OCR

Where: 444 Dufferin St // Little Portugal

Why should you go: If your GF is the active type, this is certainly the date she would love to be taken on. This adult playground is fun as hell. You get to be active with your partner as you jump, run and climb through various courses of this location. It's like American Ninja Warrior, without the pressure of live television!



Where: 461 King St W. // Entertainment District

Why should you go: If you have yet to go on a date here, wow are you missing out! Ping pong and drinks...need I say more?! This place is a fun date night for you and your girl, and trust me if she hasn't gone here yet, its because she wants to kick your butt in some good ol' pong! 


iFly Toronto

Where: 2007 Winston Drive // Oakville

Why should you go: So your GF has been dropping hints on how much she REALLY wants to go sky-diving? Why not test the waters with her in this indoor skydiving experience that is close enough to the real deal. This way, you'll know if she really is about the real thing- two birds, one stone situation really.


High Tea at Royal York

Where: 100 Front St W. // Financial District 

Why should you go: This is an ideal date if you really want to treat your girlfriend to a princess like treatment. The Royal York is pretty much a giant castle with its stunning decor and spacious areas. High Tea is served very often, so you have plenty of slots to choose from.


5. Coffee shop tour of Toronto

Where: Multiple locations.

Why should you go: Many girls love their coffee, and if your girl is one of them, trust me when I say she wants to be taken on a coffee shop tour of Toronto! Put together a list of 10 or so places and really personalize it! The link below will help you get started.


Snakes and Lattes

Where: 600 Bloor St W. // The Annex

Why should you go: Another fun way to bring out your inner child! From endless amounts of board games, coffees, craft beers , it's no surprise this place makes our lists many times. Trust me, this date night will be one your GF will be thrilled about!


Salsa Dancing at Lula Lounge

Where: 1585 Dundas St W. // Little Portugal

Why should you go: Is your GF always talking about couples dance lessons or simply a night out to go dancing that isn't a club and you have yet to do so? Well, take on salsa dancing together! This locations boasts live music, salsa lessons, and so much more. It'll be such a sexy evening, you're sure to have one very happy GF.


Karaoke night at Echo Karaoke

Where: 693 Bloor St W. // Koreatown

Why should you go: If you are the couple that blasts music in the car and sings duets, take your skills to an actual karaoke bar! Koreatown holds many karaoke bars, this is just one of the many your GF will be all giddy over.



Where: 620 Church St // Yorkville

Why should you go: No better way to get intimate, and experience some crazy unique dining than at ONoir. Blind staff serve you meals in the pitch black- a new adventure is just the perfect night out!


David Dunlop Observatory

Where: Berwick Crescent // Richmond Hill

Why should you go: While the nights are now colder, this year round observatory makes it easy to have a romantic night under the stars with your girl. A date night that is sure to take you on a journey both you and your GF will enjoy and remember for a long time! 


Spa Day at the Shangri-La hotel

Where: 188 University Ave // Financial District

Why should you go: I probably talk about getting massages ALL THE TIME and trust me your girl WANTS this date. Spoil her and yourself with an escape from the city into a relaxing spa located inside the stunning downtown hotel.


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