Tired of your favourite Toronto pubs/restaurants? As much as you may love a crisp, cold pint from your local watering hole, sometimes you just need something new. 

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Luckily there are tons of exciting places throughout the city to fit any mood or craving, to transport you from your everyday life to somewhere fresh and exciting! 

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1. The Sultan's Tent // 49 Front St. E

Diners are in for a super unique experience at The Sultan's Tent. Their French-Moroccain cuisine is served in a 3-course dinner on Fridays and Saturdays that includes a belly dance performance!

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2. See-Scape // 2840 Dundas St. W. 

See-Scape is basically nerd heaven in all honesty. All of the food and drinks are science-fi/fantasy themed which makes sense, considering each booth is themed on their own.

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3. Poop Café // 706 Bloor St W

Toronto's first and only poop-themed cafe. Are you surprised? Eating out of toilets isn't just for dogs anymore, y'all. This dessert shop serves up ice cream, lattes, and much more out of toilet-shaped cups and bowls.

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4. Arriba // 1 Blue Jays Way

While the food isn't themed here, patrons definitely stop by for Arriba's unique atmosphere. Stationed inside of the Rogers Centre, those who dine here can enjoy a field-side seat of the Jays!

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5. O Noir // 620 Church Street 

Dining in the dark has never tasted so good. O Noir is right at Church & Charles, with a staff full of knowledgable and bubbly visually impaired servers to walk you through a dinner without vision.

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6. Rodeo Brazilian Steakhouse Rodizio // 95 Danforth Ave

Escape to Brazil at Rodeo! Live Brazilian mixed martial arts/dancing every Friday and Saturday makes this a dinner you'll want to show everyone! Watch as the servers carve meat off of rotisseries straight onto your plates.

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7. Medieval Times // 10 Dufferin St. 

Is there anywhere more themed and fun than Medieval Times?! Eat with your hands, chat with characters and cheer on your favourite knight!

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8. The Lockhart // 1479 Dundas Street West

This Harry Potter inspired bar has tons of potions for you to sample and savour. Pour up a BetterBeer and order some tapas to get the magic going.

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9. The Shameful Tiki Room // 1378 Queen St W

Serving up Polynesian vibes, drinks and eats, The Shameful Tiki room will take you on a first-ticket out of the city and straight to the tropics!

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10. Guu Izakaya // Various Locations 

Not your average Japanese place, Guu Izakaya is the closest you can get to Japan without hopping on a plane. Expect shouting, communal eating, and lots of sake.

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11. Pravdka Vodka House // 44 Wellington St E

Head over to the Vodka House for a trip overseas to our boys in red! This Russian-themed resto bar offers and eclectic menu and fun cocktails.