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11 Exciting But Chill Things To Do In Toronto This Summer For All Lazy Girls

Does it involve moving?
11 Exciting But Chill Things To Do In Toronto This Summer For All Lazy Girls

What up lazy girls. I get you, you have an adventurous personality with plenty of goals but you're just too lazy to move. Being a girl trying to kick start her life is hard! As much as we want to have fun, we're all tired. 

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If you're itching for some excitement before the summer is over, but you're also not down to do anything too crazy, check out this list of activities you can do if you're lazy af:

1. Elmwood Spa // 18 Elm St

The ultimate lazy girl activity. Head over to Elmwood Spa to get your nails done, a massage and other super relaxing treatments. 

2. Her Majesty's Pleasure // 556 King St W

Plan a lazy girls day and get pampered at this popular Toronto spa and salon. You will leave feeling refreshed! (Or just ready to take a nap). 

3. Trinity Bellwoods // 790 Queen St W

Grab a blanket, some sunscreen, a book and chill out in the grass. Trinity is one of Toronto's coolest parks and is the perfect place to have a chill afternoon. 

4. Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool // 1755 Lake Shore Blvd W

If parks aren't your thing, this public pool is the perfect place to lay out in the sun and soak up the last bit of summer sunshine. 

5. Power Up Game Bar // 38 Wellington St. E

Do you feel gross staying home all day playing video games? This bar will let you play video games OUTSIDE of your house. Still lazy, but socializing. 

6. Sugar Beach // 11 Dockside Dr.

Sugar Beach is the perfect place to chill out. The pink umbrellas are super aesthetic and cute. Grab a friend and spend the afternoon relaxing. 

7. Cineplex VIP Lounge // 10 Dundas East

This movie theatre has VIP service for all you lazy ladies. A full meal, comfy chairs AND a movie? This is lazy girl heaven. 

8. Polish'd Nail Bar // 130 King St W

Too tired to give yourself a manicure? Check out Polish'd Nail Bar for complete services to give your hands a fresh new look. 

9. Grab bunch with your best friends.

Brunch is breakfast's lazy cousin who couldn't wake up early enough. Grab your friends and go out for a late breakfast at one of Toronto's cutest spots. 

10. Woodbine Beach // 1675 Lakeshore Blvd E

Another beach to sleep on! Woodbine is super popular and fun. Spend some time here before the weather changes. 

11. Kensington Market // Augusta Ave

If you're looking to just chill outside and take in the culture Toronto has to offer, grab a coffee or dessert in Kensington and people watch. No moving required.

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