Ah, the great outdoors. Sometimes, not all that great if we're being real. What with mosquitos, rain, unsavoury temperatures, creepy crawly tent creatures - there's an endless amount of elements that could easily fuck up what should be a fun weekend. 

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Not to worry, we've picked some truly exceptional camp spots that are deemed safe and svelete by even the most indoorsy of girls. 

1. Wild Exodus // Timmins, ON 

Price per night: $151

Sleeps: 2 people

Wild Exodus is a great choice for an all in one glamp-spot, offering excursions, lodging and luxe fine dining in packages!

2. Luxury Tents Canada // Temagami, Ontario

Price per night: $626

Sleeps: 8 people

Luxury is right. These incredbile luxury tents save you the trouble of set-up and interior decor, surprisingly. Fully furnished and stocked with available activities on site, your night will be anything but ordinary. While the price is steep, split between a couple couples it becomes a lot more afforable.

3. Cozy Luxury Yurt // Markstay, Ontario 

Price per night: $141

Sleeps: 2 people

I know what you're thinking - what the fuck is a yurt. Surprisingly, a yurt is a portable rounded tent which is cute af. The yurt features a double bed, a mini-fridge, an outdoor BBQ with a side stove unit, a stove-top coffee maker and private lake access. Score!

4. Forested Eco Cabin on Remote Island // Roseneath, Ontario

Price per night: $451

Sleeps: 6 people

Welcome to the 'cabins are camping' debate! For those of you who lump cabins in with the camping experience, this unit works great for a couple's retreat. It sits on an island (how cool?!) that has complimentary ferry service AND wifi on site. Sign us up!

5. The Algonquin Tent // Bancroft, Ontario  

Price per night: $177

Sleeps: 6 people

Looking like a Hudson's Bay display window, The Algonquin tents are set up at a wellness centre which is great if you and your boo want to detox. The spa offers dozens of different pampering treatments for you to enjoy and is only mintes away. This tent offers zero wifi or electricity however, so you'll have to do something else to stay warm and entertained. What ever could that be!!

6. Zip-Lining Glamping Getaway // Lake Erie, Ontario 

Price per night: $274 (depending on occupancy)

Sleeps: 2-4 per unit

Talk about wow. Each luxury tent has a private bathroom with a beautiful shower and flush toilet. All cabins are equipt with hot and cold water, beautiful hardwood floors, mini fridges, electric outlets and sliding glass doors that leads to private patios. Ziplining and complimentary breakfasts are included with your stay whether you want to unwind or zipline!

7. Outpost Company Tipi Glamping // Toronto, Ontario

Price per night: $440 per person

Sleeps: Occupancy varies

Outpost does not joke around when it comes to glamping. Their tipis are complete with interior flooring and a working fire pits. The Teepee is used as a lounge area and is furnished with pillows, seating and a fantastic library of wilderness literature. Your stay includes a private chef and all meals included with the opportunity to add activities to your site like yoga or massage therapy.

8. Happier Rentals - Pacific Blue // Windsor, Ontario 

Price per night: $200-250

Sleeps: Up to 5 people

This adorable trailer is perfect for a retro feel. Despite its exterior, the Pacific Blue trailer is very spacious, with plumbing and electricity! You can tote this little guy just about anywhere - all you have to do is pick a spot!

9. Luxury Tent for Two // Renfrew, Ontario 

Price per night: $640

Sleeps: 2 people

This amazing luxury tent is super spacious with a king-sized bed, lounge chairs, coffee table and luxe hardwood floors. The unit also includes all meals and a great firepit outside to set the mood.

10. Eco-friendly Riverside Treehouse // Perth, Ontario 

Price per night: $270

Sleeps: 8 people

This whimsical treehouse is built over the Mississippi River in Lanark County, making it super secluded. You'll have access to wifi and electricity in this home away from home to Instagram your every adventure!

11. Lakefront Log Cabin With Private Beach // Haliburton, Ontario

Price per night: $898

Sleeps: 12 people

If you and your baby really wanna ball out, there's one last uber extravagent option. This insane log cabin near Ottawa will crush any camping fears you've ever had. More like a summer home than a campsite, this property has all the luxuries of home and then some, like miles of white, sandy private beach and a camp site. Rent the place to yourselves to feel like royalty or invite the whole gang for a weekend you'll never forget.