You're tired of being single and casually dating here and there. But throughout your adventure of finding true love, you've been on some pretty horrible dates.

This city is filled with people from all over the spectrum. There is no doubt that you do not have a couple funny or outright horrifying dating stories under your belt. Dating is fun in the 6ix, but here are some people you've definitely be on a date with, without any chance of a second.

1. The Tatted Bartender

He'll instantly judge you based on your drink order. He knows all the bartenders in the city. You'll go to his favourite bars, ones you've never heard of and are usually filled with Toronto's Finest Hipsters. You'll both have free drinks. By the end of it, he's pretty hammered and getting rowdy. You'll figure out that is the norm for this guy and need to gtfo. Too bad he looks so hot covered in tats.

2. The Trendster

This person is all about staying relevant with their fashion choices. Whether they're trying too hard, or not, they'll always out-dress you on a date. You're fashion choices will never be on-par with theirs. They always talk about their latest vintage finds and boutique stores you've never heard of. They spend mad bills on clothes, kicks and bags, so don't expect them to spend mad bills on the first date.

3. The GoodLife Fitness Trainer

You probably met him in a club and couldn't resist those muscular arms. Too bad he can't hold a conversation. But OMG those abs, doe!

4. The Wolf of Bay St.

He's always in a suit, or a shirt and tie. He works on Bay St. and makes some real cheddar. But after 5 p.m. this guy is at the bar everyday until 12 a.m. He's all about spending money and making sure you know he has the money to do so. He'll only talk about his job or his latest investment. He's committed to his money, not to you.

5. The Foodie

He's obsessed with finding the best eats in the city. He knows where all the best spots are to eat, even food trucks. When your food comes, he'll make you wait just so he can get the perfect picture for Instagram. Sometimes he'll order so much food he can't finish and expect you to foot the bill. But hey, at least you'll never be hungry when you're with him.

6. The 905er

Okay, nothing against anyone living in a 905 area code. But 905ers think they know the city a little too well. Their idea of grabbing drinks is hitting up a club and getting bottle service all night. They're not used to the whole, chill at a bar and play fun board games. They're pretty obnoxious and have no idea how to get around downtown. Not worth the hassle of explaining how the TTC works.

7. The Stuck-In-University Bro

He graduated from Western over a year ago now, but still parties like it's first year. He's always going back to his old residence or frat and meeting up with bros. All he wants to do is party and get hammered every weekend. Also, he still doesn't have a full time job. He'll make sure you get super hammered on the first date and still expect you to split the bill.

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8. The Instagrammer

He has over 10K followers on Instragram and you're not exactly sure why. Yeah, he's drop dead gorgeous with a rocking body, but can you keep up with his following? He's always posting a new selfie and always checking his likes. He gets recognized around the city all the time for being that "ig-famous dude". His main concern right now is getting more followers, not you.

9. The Writer

The Writer only seems to talk about obscure literature and make strange references to books you've never read. They'll always correct you when talking, and be your spell checker via text, rude. They're a hopeless romantic and only looking for instant commitment. Honestly, don't break their heart, or you'll read about it online.

10. The Loner

You met him on Tinder thinking he was cute. Yeah, he might be cute but he's already figured out the second, third and fourth date with you. He doesn't go out much and lacks real people skills. He's super nervous in person and can't seem to stop staring at you. He's already in love, and already knows your address.

11. The Real Estate Broker

He judges you on the neighbourhood you live in. He's always giving you advice on when you should buy your own place and where you should and shouldn't live. He's also always on his phone trying to make a deal. Clearly, dating isn't a priority for this guy right now.