Hiking in the Fall is a luxury on its own. It is by far one of the best things about the Fall season, even if you're not really the hiking type. Surrounded by the gorgeous colours and the crisp cool weather, makes tackling even the most tedious and long hike so worth it. Whether you go for the exercise, or for a picnic at the top with you friends or S/O, this adventure is sure to make you fall in love with Fall all over again.

Toronto and the GTA have some of the most stunning hiking spots in Ontario, that will leave you breathless (literally and figuratively). These are just a few that are bound to get you in the perfect Fall spirit.

Joker's Hill

Where: 17000 Dufferin St // Newmarket

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Why should you go: Located in a park used as a research facility for University of Toronto students, this reserve is a great place for a hike with it's many trails that are open to the public. The trails loop through 50 hectares of the Koffler Scientific Reserve and brings in everyone from young folks to old.


Dundas Peak

Where: Harvest Rd // Hamilton

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Why should you go: This is a classic hike, that is no secret if you live in Toronto or the GTA. This iconic hike opens up to one of the most scenic views of fall in southern Ontario. A hike like this can be done time and time again and never get old!


Cudia Park 

Where: 70 Meadowcliffe Dr // Scarborough

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Why should you go: The Scarborough Bluffs might get an eye-roll for being on lists so much when it comes to hiking, we thought to change it up. This park located in the Bluffs is super underrated and deserves some serious gander. The trails within will bestow upon you some wondrous fall colours that will make you fall for the Bluffs yet again.


Humber Arboretum

Where: 205 Humber College Blvd // Etobicoke

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Why should you go: This in no way is considered a major hiking spot, but the walk around this Humber campus trail is worth the excursion. With beautiful botanical gardens that get surrounded by the fall beauty, it is a must visit!


Rouge Valley Conservation Area

Where: 1749 Meadowvale Dr // Scarborough

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Why should you go: The peak view at the end of its many trails will sure be enough to keep you coming back to this location. Just like its name, Rouge Valley, has stunning reds that emerge in the fall that make the hike one to remember.


East Don Parkland

Where: 1240 Sheppard Ave E. // North York

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Why should you go: One of the many parks along the East Don river, this one sure takes the cake. With its effortless trails that have been worked on to keep protected for many years to come, this trail snakes through the ravines. Plus, in the Fall you'd also be lucky enough to see Salmon swimming upstream, and trust me its a surreal site!


Mono Cliffs

Where: 795122 3rd line // Orangeville

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Why should you go: Okay, so this isn't REALLY the GTA, but I had to put it on the list. An hour and a half north of Toronto lies this stunning provincial park. With its boardwalks and wooden staircases through the forestry, the drive is very much worth it.


Mount Nemo

Where: 5317 Guelph Line // Milton

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Why should you go: Many come here to rock climb, so if you want to take a different approach to the whole "fall hikes" thing, this would be your place. It is an unreal way to take in the fall beauty around you- whether you go solo, or with a friend/S.O.!


E.T Seton Park

Where: 73 Throncliffe Dr // East York

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Why should you go: This very underappreciated park located in East York is the perfect way to take a hike, while not leaving the city too far behind. You are are able to either follow along the boardwalks that line up with the river or beat down one of the trails. Either way, a day here is very much encouraged!


Albion Hills Red Trail

Where: 16500 Peel Regional Rd 50 // Caledon

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Why should you go: The Red Trail located in the Albion Hills Conservation area is an experience that you surely do not want to miss. Fall leaves everywhere. Pair it with a picnic, and a day here is just what you will need this fall.


Bronte Creek Provincial Park

Where: 3201 Middle Rd W. // Oakville

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Why should you go: Oakville is home to one of the many provincial parks in Ontario, but it's proximity to Toronto makes it easier to get to than most. High bridges, low valleys, and many trails can be found here- all the while still being close to the city!