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11 Innovative Toronto Startup Founders You Need To Know

The movers and shakers of the city.
11 Innovative Toronto Startup Founders You Need To Know

Startup culture in Toronto seems to have exploded, with the city quickly becoming a hub for new and unique business ideas. With so many new companies popping up regularly, it can be hard for founders and entrepreneurs to make an impact in a field with so much competition.

Those that succeed do so because they offer a truly innovative service or product. Each of the people on this list are proof that if you work hard and don't give up, you can achieve your dreams. Here are 11 Toronto startup founders who are making their mark on the city.


Jacqueline Flaggiello

Jacqueline Flaggiello is the founder, owner, and designer of Jolie Laide, a Toronto fashion brand dedicated to leather accessories. After studying International Fashion in Paris, Flaggiello returned to Canada to start her brand. Jolie Laide aims to provide photographers with beautiful yet sturdy camera accessories.

 Courtney Khimji

Courtney Khimji is a U of T graduate with over ten years of experience in the Public Relations field. After beginning her PR career in Paris, Khimji returned to her Toronto roots and eventually founder her own PR agency, Chimera Collective. The agency is still in its early days, but considering Khimji's impressive resume, we're sure we can expect big things from them.

David Ahola

David Ahola is the CEO and founder of Epicater, a catering company based out of Toronto. Epicater focuses on providing business and functions with catered food that is locally sourced. With notable fans including Shopify, Redbull, and Linkedin, this is likely only the beginning for the unique startup.

Chenny Xia

Chenny Xia started her first company at age 15 when she launched the design studio Pixelbot. Today, Xia serves as the Chief Executive Officer / Partner of JourneyCX, a consultancy which she founded that focuses on innovation. Though Xia was born and raised in Vancouver, she recently relocated to Toronto.

Julie Topp

Julie Topp is an OCAD graduate with a degree in Industrial Design. Alongside fellow Torontonians James Sun and Adam Hueniken, Topp co-founded Revlo, a platform that helps creators build businesses by enriching the experience for all viewers. Today, Topp serves as the Head of Product at Revlo.

Stephen Lake

Stephen Lake is a Waterloo and U of T graduate and a co-founder of Thalmic Labs, a maker of wearable technologies. Their first product, the Myo airband, launched in 2015 and has earned over $10M in profit. Lake currently serves as the CEO of Thalmic Labs.

Michelle August

Michelle August is the founder of SPINCO, a spinning studio that has quickly grown to a three-studio chain across Canada. The British Columbia native recently made the move to Toronto to open the latest SPINCO location, which has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Brennan McEachran

Brennan McEachran is the CEO of SoapBoxHQ, a company that assists large organizations to easily collect feedback from their employees. The Ryerson grad came up with the idea for his company while he was in his undergrad. Since the launch of Soapbox HQ, the company has attracted major clients such as Cocoa Cola Canada, Bank of Montreal, and Justin Trudeau.

Joel Nicholson

Joel Nicholson is the co-founder of UniversityHub, a social networking platform aimed to help students in their post-secondary education decisions. Last year, Nicholson and his partner sold UHub, which supports approximately 75,000 students a month, to Square Crop Studios. Nicholson currently serves as the Managing Director of UniversityHub.

Jacqueline Leung

Jacqueline Leung is a Toronto based Western University graduate. Leung recently founded Pressed, a company that aims to make the news easier to read. This involves a breakdown of the top 5 news stories, sent to your inbox each day. The tone is light and conversational, as if a friend was discussing the events with you.

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