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11 Insane Jobs You Wish You Could Have

Everybody is secretly dreaming of quitting their job to travel the world... and while still somehow making money. And just so you don't feel bad looking at all the eve-traveling Instagram accounts, not many people are ACTUALLY doing it, since it's almost impossible to find something really cool that will allow you to get rich while having fun.

We found 11 pretty insane jobs that will actually allow you to fulfill all your wildest travel dreams...without going broke: 

Private Island Caretaker

This is probably the best job in the world, and you can get a lot of money (about $120k annually) from spending your day on the beach! The job is to make sure that the island is perfect when the owners arrive for their holidays, or when it's rented. You can reach Private Islands businesses to find out if they have any openings, and you could end up in the Bahamas.

Luxury Bed Tester

If you hate to get out of the bed on mornings, this is your dream job! Hotel chains often need contractors to test the beds, the lightning and sound-proof walls in each room. You could also get hired by a luxury bed company to try out new mattresses before they find their ways into hotel rooms. This kind of contract allegedly pays you $5 600 per month.

Water Slide Tester

This may be the most enviable job you'll ever had! Water Slide Testers travel the world to try new slides. You could be employed by an hotel chain, or by a large travelling company. According to, you need to have a certificate degree to land that dream job, that pays between $17 000 and $56 000 per year (in $US).

Photo cred - weheartit

Panda Nanny

Being a panda caretaker is a real job at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an. According to China Daily, the nannies are making $32 000 per year (plus food, board and the use of a car). You have to be over 22 years old to apply, to have writing and photography skills, as well as some knowledge of pandas.

Fake Executive

In Western China, a fake executive is getting $1 000 per week to attend important events, and to give some speeches.

Hotel Reviewer

What an exhausting job! For $48 000 per year, you would have to try hotels from around the world to give your feedback. Luxury travel companies could also hired you to tour the world's best resorts, to review the most exclusive places.

Professional Line Sitter

This job will become highly paid when Apple will announce the iPhone 7 launch! A professional line sitter usually charges $25 per hour for standing in a line for a person. Most line waiters are hired off Craigslist.

Seat Filler

It doesn't look good to have an empty seat at an exclusive event. Seat fillers are the lucky people selected to sit next to celebs, to make the row appear full on TV. The seat filler program for Toronto's NBA All-Star Weekend 2016 was run by Gotham Casting.

Photo cred - A Bikini A Day

Bikini Wearer

The founders of the website A Bikini A Day probably created the coolest job ever. Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, from Australia, launched their blog in 2012, after visiting the most beautiful beaches in the world. A few magazines quickly noticed their page and the girls became superstars. The BBFs now have their own swimwear brand and they conquer the world one bikini at the time.

Grammaster for Netflix

You wish you could get paid while watching TV? Netflix is now hiring individuals to fill the position of “Grammaster”. For $2 000 per week, the new employees will travel to different studios and filming locations and watch Netflix shows being filmed while Instagramming the results.

Ice cream parlor in the Caribbean

This job will not making you rich monetarily speaking, but this is probably the closest you'll get to happiness. The story of a young new-yorker journalist gain global attention when she decided to quit her 95K job to go sell ice cream in the U.S. Virgin Island. ''But the truth is, I was happier scooping mint chocolate chip for $10 an hour than I was making almost six figures at my previous corporate job. It was calming to work with my hands. I met new people constantly, talking face-to-face instead of communicating via email and instant messaging'', she told Cosmopolitan.

Source: MSN

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