11 Jamaican Restaurants In Toronto That'll Transport You To The Islands

Jah Mon.
11 Jamaican Restaurants In Toronto That'll Transport You To The Islands

When you live in Toronto, there's no need to go back to Jamaica when there's such good Jamaican food around the city. With the city sharing great Caribbean influences, it's a sure thing that you'll find some of the best Caribbean eats in Toronto.

When you're ready for some jerk chicken and patties, be sure to check out these 11 delicious Jamaican restaurants located across the city. 

1. The Real Jerk // 842 Gerrard St. E

The Real Jerk is one of the top spots in the city because not only does it have amazing food, but they also have live entertainment including live music! Also did I mention this is where Rihanna and Drake shot the music video for their hit song Work?

2. Simone's Caribbean Restaurant // 596 Danforth Ave.

This restaurant features all of the classic Jamaican dishes you'd find in the Caribbean. From plantain, to ackees and salt fish and to the more mainstream dishes like jerk chicken, they have everything covered!

3. Pat's Homestyle Jamaican Restaurant // 558 Queen St. W

When they say homestyle, they mean homestyle! Pat's Homestyle Jamaican Restaurant follows tradition Jamaican cooking for an authentic eating experience every time.

4. The Jerk Joint // 238 Queen St. W

This joint is perfect for if you're on the go and craving a Caribbean bite to eat! With traditional dishes, as well as the jerk chicken wrap and the jerk burger, The Jerk Joint makes it easy for you to enjoy food on the road!

5. Cool Runnings Restaurant // 146 Main St.

Cool Runnings features a large menu of various options including meat platters with rice and peas, various soups, rotis and seafood dishes as well!

6. Patties Express // 4 Elm St.

Definitely the place to go if you're craving a yummy patty. Since it's just a takeaway outlet, it's perfect for any busy body that's craving a traditional patty. The three main options are vegetable, chicken and beef. 

7. Street Shak Caribbean Kitchen // 646 Queen St. W

This is a great spot if you feel like having a Caribbean bite but you want that casual dining experience that you don't get at a food joint. They've also got less common dishes like jerk chicken poutine and Bajan macaroni pie. 

8. Tasty's Caribbean Cuisine // 405 Spadina Ave.

A super casual eatery where you can stuff yourself with a delicious meal of jerk chicken, rice and peas and creamy coleslaw. This is gonna make you feel irie for sure!

9. Island Foods // 1182 Queen St. W

The staple dish at island Foods are the rotis. With a choice of 10 possible different roti dishes this is a hot spot for the popular Caribbean dish. This restaurant also features cuisine from other islands such as Trinidad. 

10. Patois // 794 Dundas St. W

Patois is a unique restaurant which combines Jamaican and Asian flavours to create a fusion of taste. They describe their menu as Caribbean meets Asian soul food, and something good definitely comes out of combining two amazing types of  cuisine. 

11. Beryl's Pepper Pot // 1610 Queen St. E

Beryl's Pepper Pot is located in three spots including a location in Ajax, but the one right here in Toronto is simply amazing. Expect traditional daily lunch specials, soup specials and featured dishes.