11 Luxury Micro Homes You Can Have In Canada

So small, yet extravagant.

Who said you need a ginormous mansion in order to experience great comfort and extravagant living ? There are some houses in Canada that are so tiny at glance,  yet their interior is what makes them very luxurious.

These houses are designed specifically for small luxury living. If you're one to travel or prefer to live alone, why not make one of these yours? Check out these 11 luxury micro homes in Canada you can live in:

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1. Acorn House // Nelson, British Columbia

Photo cred - Nelson Homes

2. V House // Nelson, British Columbia

Photo cred - Hummingbird Micro Homes

3. Fernie, British Columbia

Hummingbird Micro Homes

4. The Cowboy // Fernie, British Columbia

5. H0nobomo (custom made) // Edmonton, Alberta.

6. Pocket Homes // Edmonton, Alberta.

7. The Bunkie // Muskoka, Ontario

8. Knotty Pine Cabins // Edmonton, Alberta

9. Rewild Homes // Nanaimo, British Columbia

10. Harmony House // Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

11.  Leaf House // White Horse, Yukon

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