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11 Nail Salons In Toronto To Get The Most Extra Nails

Nails on fleek! 💅🏼

Nails have always been pretty popular but since Instagram it seems nail art has gone to a whole different level. If you are craving a crazy design or just something simple it can sometimes feel impossible to find the spot that's just right. Luckily, these 11 spots cater to everyone from the lovers of simple nails to those who want the craziest designs the city has to offer! 

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R&C Nail Salon // @rncnailsalon 

If you want some seriously chic nails, you've got to check out R&C. From pink marble to Gucci inspired nails, the team are always down to give you the coolest and most current designs in the nail art world!

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Hard Rock Nails // @hardrocknails 

If you've got an extra AF personality and want nails to match, check out Hard Rock! They are the kings of length and designs in the city, no nail is too long and no design is too extravagant!

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Tips Nail Bar // @tipsnailbar 

Tips Nail Bar is known for doing not only Gigi Hadid's nails, but also Lady Gaga's when she was in Toronto! It's no surprise the spot is visited by big names as their designs are always done with their own unique creative spin and some serious attention to detail!

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Blush Nail Bar // @blushnailbartoronto

If you want Instagram baddie nails, Blush Nail Bar is the place to go. From their marble designs to classic bold colours, they shape your nails to perfection and give you the perfect nails for your next post on the gram!

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Lavish Beauty Bar Inc // @lavish_beautybar 

If you want most sophisticated designs, Lavish is the spot. From more blinged out looks with pearls and diamonds to more minimalistic designs, the spot has you covered and you will definitely leave impressed!

Nail Fuel // @nailfuel 

If you are a hardcore nail lover and nail art is literally your life, check out Nail Fuel. This spot is definitely not for the faint of heart as they offer some seriously insane designs, but if you are into it, the options are practically endless.

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Her Majesty's Pleasure // @hermajestyspleasure

Her Majesty's Pleasure is the perfect place to go if you are into more toned down and clean designs. The designs are very "Kate Spade" like, being known for their pastel designs and adorable watermelon design nails!

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Get Gelled // @getgelled 

If you are looking to have some original and lust worthy nails, check out Get Gelled! The spot does some seriously unique as well as trendy designs and never skip out on the details! From the Kylie lip drip design to the Jean Juillen art inspired look pictured above, nothing is too out of the box for them!


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Raw Beaty Bar Inc // @rawbeautybarinc

Not only is the earthy ambience inside enough reason to stick around, but their crazy talent for detail will keep you coming back. From Marvel and Comme Des Garçons x camo inspired nails to sparkly pineapple designs, no idea is too intricate for this team!

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Lulu Studio // @lulustudio_majormackenzi 

If you've got shit to do and can't work with long nails and crazy designs, check out Lulu's studio! Their dainty and pretty designs are perfect for girls who want to deck out their nails but can't deal with the hassle of anything too extravagant!

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Nice One Nails // @niceonenails_nq

This spot is a staple and for good reason. They do simple but they do it well. If you are on a time crunch, want a last minute appointment or just want your nails done with nothing too fancy, Nice One Nails is the place to visit!