11 Places To Get Ice Cream In Toronto Because You DGAF That It's Cold Outside

11 Places To Get Ice Cream In Toronto Because You DGAF That It's Cold Outside

With this colder weather becoming the norm, it's clear that Winter is practically here. If you are someone who either loves the colder weather or just loves ice cream too much to abandon it until Spring, we've got your back!

These 11 spots serve up ice cream regardless of the dropping temperatures and are here to satisfy all of your cravings. So get ready to set up your own bucket list including these spots that you've got to check out regardless of the weather!


Where: 205 Dundas St W

Fugo has become a massively popular spot considering their creations are spectacles! From their cookie monster ice cream cones to their churros- everything is Instagrammable and delicious. Plus with the release of their hot chocolate with toasted marshmallow, you've got the perfect drink to warm you up after having some of their ice cream!


Arctic Bites

Where: 21 Baldwin St

If you haven't tried Toronto's first rolled ice cream spot, you've definitely got to regardless of the current weather! It's an especially great place if you have gotten tired of typical soft serve and want to try something new!

La Diperie

Where: 372 Danforth Ave

La Diperie is another great spot to check out if you have been craving ice cream regardless of the dropping temperatures. They've got wicked soft serve and tons of topping options!


Junked Food Co.

Where: 1256 Dundas St W 

Junked Food Co.'s epic creations know no seasonal boundaries, and you shouldn't either! Whether it's balmy or freezing, there's never a reason to not crave their insane ice cream hybrids! 


Sweet Olenka's

Where: 2790 Lake Shore Blvd W

Sweet Olenka's is a city classic, especially for ice cream. Whether you are grabbing a red velvet pop to feature on your Instagram or not, they've got a massive line up of delicious treats!


Sweet Jesus

Where: 106 John St

It's no secret that the team at Sweet Jesus gets pretty excited about any kind of occasion where they can further decorate out their already decked out ice cream offerings. Especially in the Winter time, they've got tons of options whether you want a Smores lattes or a towering ice cream cone!


Momofuku Milk Bar

Where: 190 University Ave

Momofuku doesn't just host an incredible noodle bar, but they've also got some incredible ice cream! If you want to enjoy some ice cream but still stay warm, head over here to grab a noodle bowl or two before grabbing dessert!


Peace Treats

Where: 131 Ossington Ave

Ok so technically Peace Treats sells milkshakes, not ice cream, but it's practically the same thing! Plus, with how adorable their offerings are, how can you resist them?! We are still waiting to see what kind of festive drink they bring out for the holiday season but for now, we will just have to keep our eyes peeled!


G For Gelato

Where: 75 Jarvis St

What's better than gelato in the Winter? How about a place that offers gelato and pizza. So head over for lunch or dinner to enjoy some great pizza before grabbing an icy dessert!


Grinning Face

Where: 540 Parliament St

Grinning Face is the perfect spot for anybody who is dairy-free or vegan, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this delicious gelato if you aren't either! They've got tons of flavours that taste even better than typical gelato and ice cream- you won't even notice the lack of dairy!


Eva's Original Chimneys

Where: 454 Bloor St W

There really isn't a better time to get a chimney stack from Eva's! Considering the toasty warm cone will keep your hands warm while you wander through the Christmas markets, it makes for the perfect Winter treat! With their Christmas themed cones being released in the next few days, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled considering they make not only for a great cheat meal but a great Instagram too!



Where: 362 King St E

If you are looking for soft serve ice cream that is as equally delicious as it is adorable, look no further than Roselle! They serve up delicious ice cream topped with tiny chocolate pearls, just make sure to wait long enough to snap a photo of it for Instagram!


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