With Christmas break having already started for some students, and others only a few exams away from it, it's about time you start thinking about what you are going to do with your Winter break!

While tons of students think they can spend the entire month binging Netflix and sleeping, you'd be lying if you said you didn't get bored of it after a few weeks. Luckily, these plans won't break the bank but are still tons of fun! So grab your Uni friends or hometown buddies and get them in on all the fun you're about to have this winter break! 

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Go skiing or snowboarding at Blue Mountain. 

Ok so maybe it's a little cliche but if you love to ski and snowboard, this kind of trip has definitely already crossed your mind. What better way to enjoy all the snow that the Winter season has to offer than to hit the slopes! Plus Blue Mountain is absolutely gorgeous during this time of year, and if you've got the extra cash to splurge on their spa amenities, it takes the whole experience to the next level.

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Go on some Winter hikes throughout Hamilton. 

If you are the more outdoorsy type and don't mind the cold weather, definitely consider a day trip to Hamilton! While it's been known as the armpit of Ontario by most, the small town has some incredible scenic sights to offer. Especially in the Winter time, the forested areas are absolutely gorgeous, though you should definitely bundle up if you are considering this kind of excursion.

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Check out a penitentiary tour in Kingston. 

It's no secret that a lot of people are interested in prisons and jails, just take a look at some of the most binged shows on Netflix and a ton of them have to do with criminals! If you are looking to take your interest a step further, make the trip to Kingston, Ontario to check out a penitentiary for yourself!

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Go snow tubing in Waterloo at Chicopee Tube Park. 

Whether you snowboard or ski and just want to try something different, or can't do either to save your life but still want to hit the slopes, this is SUCH a fun thing to do! While you'll have to make the trek to Waterloo, trust me when I say it's worth it considering you'll spend the rest of your day on the slopes in a massive inflatable tube!

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Embark on a road trip to check out Niagara Falls. 

The Niagara Falls are gorgeous all year round, they didn't get named one of the 7 wonders of the world for nothing! Though during the Winter the landmark gets especially beautiful. Plus, if you are a fan of taking the trip to Buffalo for shopping, this makes for the perfect pit stop before heading across the border for a deal or two!

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Check out The Drake's hotel in Prince Edward County. 

If you thought The Drake's Toronto ventures were well done, just wait until you see their hotel in Prince Edward County! The Drake Devonshire Inn is The Drake's first expansion outside of Toronto, and it's dressed to the nines. The spot has the perfect balance between mid-century design and modern touches and is the perfect venue for a Winter weekend getaway!

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Camp at Algonquin Provincial Park. 

While this definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea, and many would rather stay inside curled up by the fire, this is the perfect excursion for any thrill seeker. Algonquin Provincial Park is definitely popular during the Summer, but the experience is ten times more fun and thrilling during the Winter months once the snow falls!

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Visit Muskoka and go ice skating along the cranberry marsh skate trails. 

While Muskoka seems as though it's a Summer exclusion getaway, trust me when I say you are missing out on Winters up north. If you are a lover of the colder months and snow, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the insane amounts of snow and how gorgeous it is up north! Plus there are tons of ice skating trails perfect for anybody who wants to spruce up a traditional hike!

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Skate along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa. 

If you have always wanted to visit, or re-visit the nation's capital, Winter is the perfect season to do it! With the colder months come tons of adorably festive (and Canadian) activities. From frozen maple syrup on sticks to skating along the Rideau Canal, it's the perfect idea if you are looking for a change of scenery from the city!

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Visit The June Motel in Prince Edward County. 

Love Prince Edward County but have already tried the Devonshire Inn or are just looking for a different vibe? The June Motel is THE perfect place for a girls trip, trust me on this. It's got to be hands down one of the most gorgeously decorated motels in Canada let alone Ontario!

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Make the trip to Montréal to hit the slopes!

A trip to Montréal can be surprisingly cheap if you plan it well in advance and invite a ton of friends to chip in! The nice thing about this kind of trip is that there is a ton to do in the city! Whether you and your friends are snow bunnies looking for new slopes to hit, or you just want to scope out Old Montréal and enjoy a relaxing weekend away, the city is at your fingertips!