11 Places To Take A Power Nap In Toronto

For sleeping on the go.

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As Martha Stewart will attest, naps are far from a waste of time. They used to be synonymous with laziness, but now they're a secret weapon for those who revel in the dreaded 40-hour work week. The only issue is siestas need to be more accessible. Toronto hasn't quite caught on to the nap motel trend so to help, the following is a list of public places that were unknowingly designed for power naps, catnaps, snoozes, dozes, shut eye, forty winks, and a couple of Z's. Go ahead, pick your oasis.

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The TTC Streetcar/Subway

It's the most obvious choice (and sometimes the most awkward one) but if you live on either end of the downtown core, it's an everyday go-to when it's not rush hour. Most trains and streetcars have empty spots towards the back and if you can't grab a single-seater, just make sure you have a pair of sunglasses on you. But avoid the bus at all costs - some lines are like live streams of World Star.

The Harbourfront Centre

The Harbourfront is littered with new public spaces like Ontario Square, Canada Square, and the Exhibition Common, and it's a park bench napper's dream. It's relatively busy - especially during the summer months - so if you're not one for benching it up, you can always find some privacy in the grassier park areas where trees equal isolation.

Scotiabank Theatre

Okay, the movie theatre may not be the most secluded place considering it's Oscar season , but the Scotiabank is more accommodating than you think. It's full of comfortable sitting areas and blind spots, and if worse comes to worst, you can always catch a screening of a quiet romantic drama.

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Hyatt Regency Toronto

The city's full of trendy hotel lobbies that have their own perks, but bigger is better. A more spacious location such as the Hyatt Regency is full of secluded nooks and if you're dressed appropriately, you can easily grab a couch and pretend to be a jet lagged tourist. Bonus: their rooftop pool is closed until May 2015, but it's open to non-registered guests and those with ninja skills.


Unlike most of the locations on this list, the AGO operates under some pretty tight security so either pick your spots wisely or be prepared to run like hell in a moment's notice. Some video exhibits provide chairs for the weary, but your best bet is the sitting area just north of FRANK restaurant.


Hookah bars were created for nap kings and queens. Like most spaces, Shishalicious was designed to provide a euphoric sense of comfort, but the Dundas & Jarvis spot also operates as an alternative to a night out. Grab a board game and a few pieces of baklava and you're set for a legendary sleep.


Inner-city malls are like nap playgrounds and though any Hollister or American Eagle will do, GAP has the coziest spaces. Their staff are renowned for procrastinating and it's pretty easy to pretend you're the distressed boyfriend/girlfriend that's shopping with their partner. If it comes to it, just grab a few pairs of jeans, ask if you can try them on, and crash in one of the dressing rooms.

Toronto Reference Library

Any library will do but the Toronto Reference Library is the only one that can bestow you the pleasure of having multiple nap spots. A table is your best bet, especially if you look like a student that's lived off of instant noodles for months, but avoid the TRL like the plague during exams.

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Chapters/Indigo Books

Fact: People thoroughly enjoy browsing at Chapters/Indigo Books locations. It's some sort of weird fetish the fiction-inclined have and because of that, any tired wanderer can walk right in, grab a New York Times Bestseller and crash on a chair/couch/bench of their choice. Every location has different furniture so make sure you do some scouting before you put your feet up.

Canadian Tire

What do places like Walmart, Ikea, and Home Depot all have in common? They're huge spaces with comfy nap equipment. The Canadian Tire at the Toronto Eaton Centre isn't exactly a mattress haven but it does have indoor/outdoor installations that are already set up to replicate what they'd look like at home. Trust us, there's nothing better than sleeping on patio furniture you can't afford.

Tim Hortons

It's no secret: coffee shops are nap wins. Starbucks and trendy cafes used to be hotspots but now they're breeding grounds for tech heads who just want plug something into a socket. That's why Tims is the new go-to. More locations are outfitting their sitting areas with booths and larger tables, and with Wi-Fi being more accessible, there's nothing stopping you from doing a nap-and-tweet sesh.

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