Sometimes, you just want to get away from your normal routine. Although being social is important, it's also important to have some time off and build a sense of independence that’ll allow you to get to know you better. Whether you do this regularly or just once in awhile, you deserve it.

Living in a society that is constantly on the go, taking a break from life once in awhile and investing in yourself can be beneficial and it's actually a lot more enjoyable then you might anticipate.

Here is a list of cafes you can indulge in and just chill out.

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1. Rooster Coffee House // 343 King St. E

Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Indulge in a good book and a light quinoa salad. This place just screams tranquility.

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2. Jimmy's Coffee // 107 Portland St.

If you're into espresso-based drinks and baked goods, this is the place for you. In the summer, the hidden patio at the back is perfect to spend some time alone and get work done. However, now that fall is upon us, the ambience inside is said to be just as amazing.

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3. Balzac's Coffee // 1 Trinity St.

Although there are a few locations around the city, the Distilliry District location encourages you to stay a while and grab a warm drink. Its' high ceilings and unique furniture offers you an experience that goes beyond a typical cafe.

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4. Te Aro // 983 Queen St. E

Te Aro is known to be a really spacious cafe. A great place to find a cozy corner, enjoy an iced latte and have quality alone time.

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5. RSquared Cafe // 668 Queen St. W

An overall dope place, with a modern atmosphere. Treat yo' self to a rich chocolate chip cookie and a latte - p.s their latte art is on fleek.

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6. Tandem Coffee // 368 King St. E

Grab a seat by the window and take time to enjoy YOU. Although this cafe doesn't have wifi, it serves as a great opportunity to disconnect and take a break from responsiblity. You deserve some quiet time.

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7. Forget Me Not Cafe // 506 Adelaide St. W

If you're seeking some alone time AND you love Nutella, this cafe got you! They make a killer hot chocolate, but if you're ready to take it to the next level, you can order a Nutella Latte. What a great way to recharge, am I right?

8. Boxcar Social // 1208 Yonge St.

Not only can you enjoy a great cup of coffee here, you can also enjoy a glass of wine too. It's a great atmosphere that embraces that cafe vibe with a menu that offers more than the typical cafe.

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9. Rachel's Coffee House // 1011 Yonge St.

Whether you're craving a crossiant or you want to enjoy a fresh lunch, it is a great place to open up your laptop and revilitilize at the same time.

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10. FIKA Cafe // 28 Kensignton Ave.

When you first walk in, it's quite evidient that its an intimate space - especially if it's busy. However, when you walk towards the back, there is a room with a big table that allows you to sit and enjoy a lavendar hot chocolate and catch up on some work or admire their wall of open books.

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11. Dark Horse Espresso Bar // 682 Queen St. E

This cafe has both an upstairs and downstairs space, so there's a variety of seating options. Their communal table is a great study area, but if you're looking for something more private, they have you covered.