11 Quirky Nights Out In Toronto If You're Sick Of The Bar

Because fun comes from the unexpected right?
11 Quirky Nights Out In Toronto If You're Sick Of The Bar

Have ever found yourself sitting on a bar stool sipping your 10 dollars watered down vodka-cran just thinking about how long you have to stay until it would be socially acceptable to leave so you can retreat to the comforts of Netflix? We have.The bar scene in Toronto, though absurd, can get kind of boring sometimes.But we're not ones for just settling for a night in when we're craving a night out, there's better options out there.

We're living in a city where we consider a city consoler rapping with a pop sensation (yo yo drake and norm) to be normal, so why should we settle for a less than average bar scene when this city has so much more to offer us. Basically? You're not basic, and these night outs aren't either.

So next time you're crew is deciding which club to pour their saving account into for the night, why not whip out one of these options and change the night up? It's like switching the radio from mediocre pop to next level hype, still familiar but it has that extra level you need to change the mood and make the night truly memorable (for me that's a One Direction song but to each their own).

1. Drake Trivia // Drake Hotel 

Let your unleashed, angered, competitive self shine through every Wednesday night at 8pm at this prime event at the Drake hotel. It's human nature (or the fact that we're all secretly narcissists) that we love to be right. So grab some friends, make sure you book a table and head down for some trivia that may help impress your next tinder match.

2. TGIF Adult Colouring // The Gladstone Hotel 

Sometimes when you've had a long week you don't want to be in a sweaty room fighting your way to find some air that doesn't smell like an e-cigarette. And we get that. That's why we've included adult colouring in our quirky nights out, it's the perfect way to de-stress after a long week. Even better? It's free and it's happening every Friday at The Gladstone featuring some lovely drink specials.

3. Stand Up Comedy // The Corner Comedy Club 

"Okay okay, I know I'm hilarious but really can someone else make the jokes for the night?" If this resonates much too well with you (as it does with me, because you know I'm hilarious, or people are just laughing at me), then why not take a night off from being the comedian and let the pros take over? With only 10 dollar cover this will definitely give your crew a gaurenteed laugh and memorable night. Open night on Mondays have free admission, and then Tuesday - Sunday feature shows it switches back to that 10 dollar bargain for some great talent.

4. Lego + Lagers // The Gladstone Hotel 

This Toronto boutique art hotel is home to what may be the most genius event to have ever been thought of: lego night ft. beer. Seriously, to the person that said hey why not have a night where a bunch of people relive their childhood and make some sick lego structures, we thank you. On every tuesday starting at 5, it's free, it's fun and it's the most unusual way to want to spend a Tuesday that you won't soon forget.

5. Dancing on the Pier // Harbourfront Centre 

Skip the basic school boy side step and learn some real moves with these free social dances every week on the pier! Either show off your existing skills, or attempt to learn some new ones (we'll be embarrassing ourselves so no worries). Every week they switch up their themes, from Pink Flamenco, Celtic, Mariachi, Pinatar, Latin and many more, odds are you'll have a hard time forgetting this night.

6. Izakaya // Kinka Izakaya 

It's the thing we never knew we wanted, to be greeted by over the top staff yelling in a different language when you walk in the door. It's an indescribable experience that come with an atmosphere that can be only summed up as extremely and hilariously bustling.

7. Urban Whiskey Trail // Toronto Food Tours  

"Ah yes, the cinnamon is really coming through on my palette." Whether your a seasoned pro who can actually say this, or seasoned bullshitter, you're gaurenteed to have a ball on this tasting tour run by the exceptional Toronto Food Tours. Learn more about whiskey than you ever thought possible from the knowledgeable and hilarious staff that'll take you through downtown Toronto's exclusive whiskey scene every Thursday. Not your thing? Check out some other food tours avaliable for a worthy night out.

8. Music Bingo // The Gladstone Hotel 

Back at it again with the unusual night out options, The Gladstone is reeling us in again with Music Bingo. A twist to make sure that you don't feel like your at a retirement home is that this isn't just any old bingo, it's Music Bingo. Every card has songs instead of numbers, and they play the music instead of calling out the numbers. With drinks cheap and vibes way up, this is a great way to change up your night.

9. Ping Pong // SPiN

The best way to bond is over friendly (or just under the radar aggressive) competition right? Whether you're training for the next olympics or just trying to get the ball to land on the other side of the table, pick up a paddle and a pint for a night you won't forget.

10. Escape Room // Real Escape Game 

Think you got what it takes to get out of the room? Sound like an intro to a C lister movie, well think again because this is about you! More specifically, you are your squad are put in a situation where you have to figure out the right way to escape. Ego testing, hilariously entertaining and a unique way to bond with your friend makes it a must visit on our list!

11. Hip Hop Karaoke // Revival Bar 

There is no better way to spice up the night then embarrassing yourself and watching others do the exact same with some old school karaoke. This monthly event is highly anticipated and almost gaurenteed to be bumping. There's something weirdly satisfying about being able to let go and embarrass yourself in front of a group of complete strangers. Because honestly, will you ever see them again? Probably not, so let it go and tell me it's Karaoke you want (what you really really want).

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