Generally speaking, Toronto girls are highly selective with who they choose to spend their time with. If you've managed to pass the test and have proven yourself worthy to a Toronto girl, congratulations! You've been carefully selected from the herd of fuckboys who've been ruining it for all the good guys out there.

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Dating a Toronto Girl is not always the easiest thing to do, but if you're up for a challenge, it'll be one of the most rewarding relationships you've ever had! So what can a Toronto babe do for you?

 1. She isn't afraid to be aggressive in bed... which comes from her assertiveness when trying to find a seat on the TTC

Well, what did you expect? She has to be aggressive and assertive in this dog eat dog city!

2. She will take you around the world .. or just down Wellington St.

If you've ever wanted to travel the world but didn't want to break the bank, now is your chance! If you're dating a Toronto girl, she'll probably be a foodie and trying new restaurants will become a new hobby for both of you. Your first date will be in France and no plane tickets will be needed because all you'd have to do is head over to Colette Grand Cafe!

3. She will build up your confidence in the strangest ways

I'm sorry to break this to you but, everything you say is going to be carefully analyzed by your girl and four of her closest friends. There's no fighting it, you just have to accept it. She and her friends will be sitting at Portland Variety catching up with a few drinks, ripping apart your latest Instagram post. You need to have thick skin or at least build it up for the duration of your relationship.

4. She will treat your Netflix account as her own. 

Get ready to start sharing your Netflix account... Oh, and the shows you watch too. Don't expect to be able to watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black by yourself ever again. The upside to this is, you will always have a cuddle buddy for when she wants to watch new episodes of Jane the Virgin and order in from Pizza Gigi.

5. She will drive you insane by following horoscopes just as much as she follows Toronto beauty bloggers

Whether you believe in them or not, start getting into them right now! Her horoscope will determine if you two will spend the day fighting while eating tacos at Wilbur Mexicana, or if you two will be taking a romantic stroll in High Park.

6. She'll convert you into an Uber lover... even if it's just to go two blocks down Front St. 

Just be prepared to give most of your paycheck to Uber. At least she won't be complaining about the crowded TTC subway cars in the middle of summer.

7. She will make your texting speeds faster than the speed walkers at Trinity Bellwoods

"Soon as you see the text, reply me.” Those aren't just Drake lyrics to her, those are rules of life! And yes, she will be upset if you post on your snap story that you're in Kensington Market and you're not replying to her.

8. She will make you forget about going to Soul Cycle on Avenue Rd.

She doesn't work out so neither will you. But hey, now you will have so much time to do other things, like holding her shopping bags while she hops from store to store in Chinatown for the best deals.

9. She will teach you how to party on King St. 

You’ve never seen club-hopping like this before! You'll make it to Lost and Found, EFS and Wildflower all in one night. Oh and BONUS! You will most likely always get street meat on King St. after every night out.

10. She will upgrade your style while hanging out on Yorkville 

Her daily trips to Yorkville come as an advantage to you, as she will always keep you in mind while shopping. So expect an entirely new wardrobe within the first few months of dating. Girls love a guy they can fix up.

11 . She will educate you on all things Toronto.

If you don't know how to take a food porn shot, don't worry, she'll teach you how. You better be a quick learner because who else will take her bomb af insta pics for her, if not you? You will also become more knowledgeable about stuff you never knew about before, like which Sephora in Toronto also has Lolita liquid lipstick in stock.