Who doesn't love Drake? With that charming smile, melodic voice, and all around good attitude, it's hard to find something wrong with him. His passion for everything he does is amazing, and makes people (who love him) go totally heart eyes for the boy from the 6ix.

Even though people make fun of him being too sensitive, there's no doubting he'd be the perfect boyfriend. He'd be the guy who'd show you'd off to everyone, be as sweet as can be, and so much more. He, without a doubt, would be the type to sweep you (and your whole family) off their feet and never take being with you for granted.

There's just so many reasons why he'd be the perfect one for you.

1. He'll make sure he's looking 10/10 for you, no matter where he is.

Looking flawless for you even at Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs last year.

2. He'd always send you jaw dropping selfies.

I wouldn't mind getting these on the daily.

3. He's the ultimate momma's boy.

Treating his mom to some court-side seats at the Raptors 'Drake Night' game.

4. He has the Key to the City, and your heart.

And he's friends with Mayor JT! What more could you want?

Gif cred - @bashmbl

5. He's a Global Ambassador not only for the Raptors, but all of Toronto.

How could you say no to a guy who's beloved by an entire city?

6. He'd wine and dine you.

Maybe he'll even put a fring on it...

7. You can snuggle in to him (and his beard) on a cold Toronto night.

You can't tell me he's not down for some cuddles.

8. He'd stop by and say 'Hi' to you at school.

Okay maybe not in the quiet way you wanted him to...but it's the thought that counts.

9. He'd write the best love songs about you.

Oh I know Drake, I know.

Photo cred - @WestIndianMaami

10. He'd always make sure you were decked out in his latest gear.

Who doesn't love ovo merch?

11. He'd rep you as hard as he reps the 6ix.

How could you resist?

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