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11 Reasons Why Filipinos Make Awesome Friends

Because unlimited lumpia.
11 Reasons Why Filipinos Make Awesome Friends

If you live in Toronto, you probably have at least one Filipino friend. There are so many of us in Toronto that it's almost inevitable you'll befriend one at some point or another. But you should consider that a blessing because Filipinos are great friends to have!

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And I'm not just saying that for the sake of saying it. Here are 11 solid reasons why Filipinos make awesome friends:

1. You'll always be welcome in their homes.

Go ahead; raid the fridge, or crash for the night. We're all about the hospitality. Just remember to wear your slippers.

2. You'll never go hungry.

Just go to one Filipino fam jam and you'll see what I mean. Unlimited pancit and lumpia.

3. You'll improve your non-verbal communication skills.

You'll be pouting your lips in no time.

4. You'll learn to become more confident from them.

For example: you'll conquer your stage fright. Because refusing to sing a song on the Magic Mic when requested to do so is not allowed.

5. You'll never have an empty message inbox on your phone.

Filipinos are addicted to texting. That's why we always make the top 10 in Miss Universe.

6. You'll be introduced to all sorts of Asian beauty secrets and regimens.

Papaya soap will eventually become a go-to product of yours.

7. You'll learn to become less wasteful.

The golden Filipino rule: nothing should ever go to waste. Even if it means having to dilute your dish soap so you use every single drop.

8. You'll become an honorary member of the family.

And the extended family, and the extended-extended family, etc.

9. You'll never be bored.

Even the most introverted Filipino will still go out for a little fun. We love trying out new things.

10. You'll always have your back covered.

Filipino friends will defend you through thick and thin. And they'll get their kuyas involved if necessary.

11. You'll have a kaibigan for life.

You'll like having us around. You just will.

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