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11 Reasons Why Toronto's Multiculturalism Is Absolutely Wonderful

There are many reasons to love Toronto, but perhaps the best reason is that it has a vibrant multicultural population. Just a few weeks ago, the BBC declared Toronto as the most multicultural city in the world, and that's something Torontonians should be proud of.

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Here are 11 reasons why Toronto's multiculturalism is absolutely wonderful:

We get to taste some of the best foods from around the globe without ever needing to get on a plane.

Toronto has some of the best food scenes around. Even Vogue Magazine agrees - they recently wrote an article on 11 Reasons Why Foodies Should Be Flocking To Toronto. In some cities, you'd likely have to take a bit of a drive in order to fulfill your craving for a certain type of cuisine. In Toronto, that's never a problem - there's a restaurant for almost every type of cuisine all over the city.

We meet all sorts of different people everyday.

If the movie Pleasantvilleis any indicator of how monotonous life would be if everyone was the same, then surely we're glad that everyone is different in our city. Anyone who grew up in Toronto could tell you that having friends from different cultures played a significant part in making their childhoods as fun as they were.

 We never get bored of our city.

Because Toronto's population is so culturally diverse, new places and events pop up throughout the city all the time. Whether it's Caribana or The Taste of Asia, there's never a dull moment.

We learn to embrace our differences.

In a world that seems to use differences as a means to divide people, it's quite refreshing to live in a city where differences are used for the opposite - to build a strong sense of community where everyone is welcome, regardless of race.

We get to enjoy vibrant and dynamic communities within our city.

Walking through downtown Toronto can sometimes give you a bit of wanderlust. One minute you're walking through Chinatown and the next you're somewhere in Little Italy. It's really great.

We're exposed to different perspectives that are all potentially valuable for solving problems.

Think about it this way - the solution to poverty in our city or the transit problem could be in the mind of someone who came to Toronto from a small town on the other side of the Earth. When people from different countries come to live in Toronto, we increase our chances to find solutions to big problems.

We develop better overall communication and interpersonal skills.

When you live in Toronto long enough, you learn to pick up on various social cues specific to a certain cultures or ethnic groups. This is something that won't just help you if you're line of work is in customer service or communications; it's something that can also help you with interactions in the real world.

We gain knowledge about different cultures first-hand as opposed to from a book.

In Toronto, every day is a social geography lesson, and the best part about that is we're not graded on what we learn. We get to experience the rhythm of different cultures upfront, and that's something a textbook could never do.

We become more open-minded as individuals.

We learn to evaluate conflicting ideas and opinions firstbefore we rashly discard them. That might cause our debates to run a little longer, but at least we benefit from the thoroughness of that practice.

We benefit from having worldwide (and world-class) talent.

People who immigrate to Toronto from different countries bring unique skills along with them that the city can benefit from. We have some of the best talents in the world that are making game-changing improvements to our industries everyday.

We learn not to tolerate hateful discrimination.

Sorry Donald Trump, your BS is not welcome here.

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