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11 Reasons Why You Need A Filipino Boyfriend In Your Life

Do it for the lumpia.
11 Reasons Why You Need A Filipino Boyfriend In Your Life

Filipinos make up the third largest ethnic demographic in Canada, and surpass both Indians and the Chinese as the primary source of new immigrants to the country. They're especially plentiful in Toronto, with Filipino communities and establishments present in almost every major area of the city. In my opinion, they're great people to be friends with, and even better to date.

It's common for people to have a reluctance towards dating outside of one's own culture. However, with a little bit of faith, one may find that dating someone of a different background is actually a very exciting and refreshing experience. Here are 10 reasons why I think you'd enjoy having a Filipino boyfriend:

1. You'll have unlimited access to amazing Filipino food.

Because everything his mom makes is always tasty (even if it's just spam and rice).

2. He'll always treat you with the utmost hospitality.

Hospitality is a Filipino's "thing".

3. You'll have gorgeous babies together (if it ever gets to that point).

Mixed or not, they'll turn out to be beautiful bundles of joy.

4. He'll always be down to go out.

Especially for karaoke (because we love to sing).

5. You'll be a part of his extensive family almost instantly.

Been dating for only two days? You're already family.

6. He'll treat your parents and relatives with respect.

It's just Filipino nature.

7. You'll never see him slack on his fashion game.

Filipino guys tend to be relatively image-conscious, so you'll always look good together.

8. He'll teach you unique ways to communicate.

You'll make it a habit to point your lips at things.

9. You'll learn quirky ways to live frugally from him.

Like cutting your paper towel rolls in half or diluting an almost-empty bottle of liquid soap.

10. He'll teach you to eat the weirdest (but mindblowingly tasty) combinations of food.

You'll be pouring coffee into your rice in no time.

11. You'll get to learn what all of these really mean.

You know, in case you've ever wondered.

And a #12 on the side: you get to date guys like me! *wink* #bruh

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