In Toronto things are always changing and expanding.  Therefore there is pretty much no way you can avoid construction.  For those of you having trouble hearing yourself think, or can no longer wear white while walking around downtown, we feel you.

This is a list of 11 struggles Torontonians face every summer, AKA construction season.  Good luck everyone, remember that it will all pay off once it's done and our city is even more beautiful than it already was!

1. It Never Stops

Once the construction happening on lakeshore finally dies down at 5 PM, more starts up again at 8 PM on the Gardiner. It's totally understandable why different projects take place at different times of the day, but it feels like we can never escape the sound of electric drills!

2. Your GPS goes crazy

The amount of times I get rerouted once April roll around is insane. My GPS is more indecisive than me in the wine section at the LCBO.

 3. Dust

Who really needs bronzer or fake tan when you're constantly walking through clouds of dirt at exhibition station??

4. Never On Schedule

I know I'm not the only one who gets excited when they finally post a sign letting you know what's going into the newly built location. They also usually include a opening date, which I have learned to take with a grain of salt because it will NEVER be on time.

See you in 1 month 4 months lakeshore Starbucks!

5. Obstructing Your View

You finally landed your dream apartment downtown with a perfect view of the tower! LOL, just kidding. Another apartment building is set to start construction right in front of you beautiful window in two weeks. Enjoy it while you can!

6. Your local Tim's just got a whole lot busier

Construction workers have a hard job and often work early mornings, so coffee is pretty much necessary for them to survive. Get ready to wait a little longer for your morning double double!

7. TTC rerouting on Queen St.

If there is any bit of construction on Queen the streetcar is automatically the worst form of TTC. The amount of awkward rerouting that has to happen is unbearable. Stick to the subway, you may have better luck!

8. Noise

If you have decided to enjoy a peaceful morning on your balcony or a nice drink on a patio, good luck. Enjoy it while you can because the sounds of smashing concrete are sure to surround you soon.

9. Stores constantly relocating

Sherway mall is incredibly guilty for this. One week the food court is on one side of the mall, the next week it's on the opposite.

10. Constantly being tempted to steal Pylons while drunk

I don't know why this is appealing, but I have woken up with Pylon on my coffee table more times than I would like to admit.

11. Cat-calling

Toronto is full of beautiful people, and you may be called out for being one in a less-than respectful way.

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