11 Reasons You Should Date A Russian Girl At Least Once In Your Life

Where the Russian girls at?
11 Reasons You Should Date A Russian Girl At Least Once In Your Life

Russian girls make the best girlfriends. Don't believe us? Here are a few reasons why you should definitely date a Ruskie at least once in your life:

1.We probably did gymnastics or dance (or both) and therefore are very flexible.

Wink wink, nudge, nudge.

 2.We always have alcohol at our house.

Let's just say the rumours are true: Russians definitely like to drink. Vodka and caviar anyone?

 3. Russian parents are the best.

If you're lucky enough to meet her parents, you'll love them almost as much as your girlfriend. Russian parents will accept you as your own which will ultimately lead to feeding you all the time...like literally all the time. It's also totally socially acceptable to drink loads of alcohol at family functions, even expected.

 4. We always look good.

It's been ingrained into our heads by our mothers and grandmothers, that we should always look good. We enjoy taking care of ourselves and dressing up for basically any occasion. Sweatpants in public are not a thing. It's no surprise that Russian girls always make the list for most beautiful women in the world.

 5. We'll cook you delicious Russian food.

Blinchiki, pelmeni, borcht, the list is endless. You will never go hungry when dating a Russian girl, as it is literally part of our culture to feed everyone that walks through our door. Even if you're just stepping in for a moment, we will offer you food.

 6. We're straightforward.

Russian girls don't beat around the bush. Sometimes we may come off as crass or rude, but we were just raised to speak our minds. Honesty is really the best policy, especially when it comes to relationships.

7. We are the friendliest people, once you pass the trust test.

At first, Russians might come off a little cold and distant, but if you work at gaining our trust, it's well worth it. We are known for our loyalty and our compassion to our friends, family, and in this case, boyfriends.

8. We never come empty handed.

Wine, food, maybe gifts, Russian girls ALWAYS will bring something with them when visiting your house.

9. We can navigate the TTC with no problem.

The subway systems in Russian are much, much larger than those of the TTC, so if your ever worried you'll get lost traveling around the 6ix, your Russian bae has you covered.

10. Our Russian accents.

Even those of us who are fully fluent in both English and Russian, sometimes pronounce some words with an accent. I mean, accents are sexy right? ;)

11. You might learn a thing or two.

Whether it might be learning how to say thank you (spasibo!), or learning about the culture in general, it's awesome to date someone who's different from you and the relationship becomes a learning experience.