It's Fall, and whether you are drowning in textbooks or falling asleep in your cubicle, you are probably lusting after a good vacation. Unfortunately, a lot of vacations involve flying, and flying involves some seriously steep costs attached to it. If you can't afford to take an international trip, you probably are thinking that your next bet is just scrolling through Instagram and remaining super jealous of all the traveling influencers jet-setting across the globe. 

Lucky for you though, not all great trips involve a plane and massive costs! These road trips destinations will take you throughout Ontario as well as into the States to show you that it isn't' always about the destination, but that definitely doesn't mean these destinations aren't worth the trek! 

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Stratford, ON 

Stratford is definitely an underrated spot in Ontario. With not only a gorgeous atmosphere but also equally as adorable bed and breakfasts! The small town comes alive during the Fall with festivals such as the Writer's Festival and other Fall oriented festivities that are a must visit!

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Wasaga Beach, ON 

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you shouldn't still head up to Wasaa during the colder months. Whether you want to kayak or canoe on the lake or maybe even dive in (if you're brave enough), it's garunteed to be a good time- cold or not!

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Port Hope, ON 

Port Hope is a great spot to consider if you are the outdoorsy type. Not only do they have a conservation area that has tons of gorgeous wildlife and foliage in it, but the quaint town's charm while definitely leave you wanting to plan a re-visit!

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Ottawa, ON 

If you haven't made the road trip to our nation's capital, you should definitely consider it. Not only do you run the opportunity of running into Trudeau himself, but it's a gorgeous city. Especially when the canal freezes over! Plus, from eating and bar spots to general activities, you'll know all of the best places to go!

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Detroit, MI

Detroit is definitely an underrated spot when it comes to both the art scene as well as the gorgeous heritage architecture in the city. From the dozens of art museums and exhibits found throughout, you are bound to get inspired!

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Tobermory is well known for being a gorgeous spot and is definitely worth the trek. The views are insane (if you haven't seen them all over Instagram I would highly recommend going through the location tag) and stay that way year round. So whether you are brave enough to take a dip in the water in this weather or just visit for a little exploring expedition, you are sure to be impressed!

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If you are looking to escape the city, look no further than Montréal! Lucky for you, the city is only 6 hours away as opposed to the other locations mentioned, but it's just as great of a choice for a good road trip! Whether you opt to go during the cooler months when you can snowboard or are looking to explore through Old Montréal while the Fall foliage is still intact, you won't regret making the trip!

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Who doesn't love Chi-town?! From deep dish pizza to just enjoying the traditional American city, it's a great spot to visit if you love the city but want to check out the states.

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New York 

New York is always a good idea. From the shopping and food spots to Broadway and the overall vibe of the city. If you've got energy to burn and are looking for an adventure, you definitely should consider the big apple being your destination for your next road trip!

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Washington is a gorgeous city full of tons of history, but it comes alive during the Fall. Mix the heritage buildings and traditional architecture with Fall foliage and it becomes a picturesque city that is more than fitting to be the location of choice for your next trip!

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Many say that Boston is the Toronto of America, so if you love the city but still want to experience something new, plan your trip! From Fenway Park and whale watching to chowing down on some good old New England Chowder, you are sure to never be bored during your trip!