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11 Romantic Places To Take Your Girlfriend That Will Make Her Feel Like It's The First Date

Everyone always remembers the first date because it either goes really good or really bad. Since you're reading this article, you're most likely still with your S/O and are looking to relive that moment.

The spark at the beginning of a relationship between two people is highly lit. It's that feeling, the rush and excitement between two individuals that arises when you meet each other.

Many couples go through a phase in their relationship, where they feel like their relationship is dieing. Perhaps it's time to relive those early days the two of you had and there's no better way to do it than to take your girlfriend to these 11 romantic places that will make her feel like it's the first date:

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1. Viva Napoli // 679 Mt Pleasant Rd.

Who has ever says no to pizza?(unless you're on a super strict diet or gluten free...)  This cozy pizzeria is truly an authentic Italian restaurant. With over 20 different pizzas to choose from, you and bae can converse over a margarita, that is so delicious it will melt her heart.

2. Trinity Bellwoods Park // 790 Queen St W. 

A simple date idea would be going for a picnic with bae at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Gather of basket of finger picking goodies, a comfy blanket and of course don't forget a bottle of vino!

3. Pomegranate // 420 College St.

Remember the first time you and your girl went to a super cultural restaurant? Pomegranate will most defiantly remind you of that date. The Iranian restaurant serves traditional Persian food with rich spices, in a cozy venue that is decorated with colourful fabrics and magical carpets.

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4. The Rivoli // 334 Queen St W. 

If you're looking to add some activity to your date, but don't want take it to an extreme level, check out the Rivoli pool hall. It's also a restaurant and a live music venue, so if you want to entertain your girl in a casual manner this is a great place to go.

5. 401 Mini-Indy // 37 Stoffel Dr.

The 401 Mini-Indy is open all year long and they have both indoor and outdoor tracks. This can be an more of an extreme romantic way of spending time together. If you're the adventurous type, go-karting is a great idea for the two of you to feel like it's your first date. They also offer mini-golf at the 401 Mini-Indy for the not so adventurous lovebirds.

6. OSC Planetarium // 770 Don Mills Rd.

There are several exciting planetarium shows at The Ontario Science Centre. Sit back and relax with bae while you go on a visual journey to explore the other spectacular parts of our universe together.

7. F'Amelia // 12 Amelia St. 

The cozy vibes and delicious authentic Italian food served at F'Amelia will guarantee a perfect date because it will remind you of the first time the two of you had a romantic dinner.

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8. Babaluu Supper Club // 136 Yorkville Ave.

Let your body speak and dance your night away in the heart of Yorkville at Babaluu. Show off your moves, lead your girl and come together as one. You're guaranteed a fun and exciting date!

9. Bodega // 30 Baldwin St.

This cute bistro serves French inspired cuisine and has several tapas on their menu. The plates are perfect for sharing between you and bae. The welcoming atmosphere is set with dimmed lights, table settings and rustic chandeliers. Soooo romantic!

10. Corn Maze @ Downey's Farm Market // 13682 Heart Lake Rd.

Get lost and explore a 10km corn maze with your girl! You may have not gone a corn maze date yet, but it will be similar to the pumpkin or apple picking experience the two of you have had!

11. Attend a local music or film festival

Whether it's a screening of a TIFF movie, an event for the Toronto Jazz festival, or any other festival,both of you are guaranteed to be entertained.

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