11 Secrets To Step Up Your Instagram Game

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11 Secrets To Step Up Your Instagram Game
Staff Writer

Recently Instagram has become all about the "aesthetic" AKA the overall theme of your Instagram.  Whether you're trying to revamp your personal account by cutting down on the drunk selfie, or build a clean and uniform look for a company account, you're going to want things to look good.

Realistically a more visually appealing account will get more likes and followers.  So if you take Instagram way too seriously like I do, this list is for you.  Here are 11 things to keep in mind when posting your next photo!

1. Know what type of account you are

Instagram is home to all different types of content creators. These range from lifestyle (a mixture of food pics, selfies, and everyday life), Food Instagrams (#foodporn), Company accounts (promo codes and infographics), fashion accounts (#ootd), nature and purely selfie feeds. Knowing what type of feed you want to curate will help you when you're trying decide on what photos to post

2. Pick a "natural" accent colour

No, I don't mean only stick to earth tones. I'm referring to colours that naturally occur in your everyday life. For example, I use the blue for my main colour on my Instagram mainly because i wear way too much denim and I'm always outside. Using an accent colour that is constantly around you make taking photos that incorporate the same colours a lot easier.

3. Use similar or the same filters

This somewhat goes with #2. Basically the more consistency you have with your photos, the better they will look together. So pick one or two filters you like the most, and stick to them!

4. Know you angles

Certain things look better from certain angles. For example, food looks more appealing when you take the picture from an overhead view. When your snapping photos try and get a few different angles so you have a few to pick from.

5. Take your background into account

Backgrounds can make or break an Instagram. Brick walls, tile floor and nice wallpaper all make awesome backgrounds (which are pretty common in Toronto). If you're looking to invest in your backgrounds buy a few different pieces of tile or flooring from a hardware store and use that as your background. Even a clean piece of bristol board can take your photos to the next level.

6. Use similar light sources

Either commit to flash, or never use it. Consistency is key!

P.S. natural lighting is and always will be your best friend. Especially when its cloudy or the light is diffused by a window.

7. Use other apps to plan your feed in advance

Apps like Latergram can help you plan out your feed and schedule your future posts. These apps are super helpful if you're in charge of running a companies Instagram!

8. Avoid posting similar pictures within the same time frame

Okay, I understand that you went to Niagara falls and had a great time. But realistically one picture of the falls is enough. I don't need to see every reject selfie you took while in your Maid of the Mist Poncho.

9. If  you're going to crop your photos, be consistent

Personally, I'm not a fan of the white boarders. Although if you're going to use them, be consistent. Your feed will never look uniform if you're constantly posting different sized photos.

10.  Always straighten your photos

Your horizon should always be straight. This is such an easy fix that you can do on basically any editing app.

11. Resist the urge to post random sh*t

Realistically if you're reading an article about how to achieve the perfect aesthetic, you probably take your Instagram pretty seriously. If you really want to post a drunk selfie of you and your pizza box, head to Facebook or Snapchat. Don't fvck with your Instagram standards.

Sara Sandham
Staff Writer
Sara Sandham was a writer with Narcity Media.