Photo cred – Dominic Bugatto

There are so many things to love about Toronto, from the great people, to the cool restaurants, to the hip atmosphere. Although we all love our beautiful city, there are some of us who love it a little bit too much. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with having extreme Toronto pride. If you find yourself relating to more than half of this list, you might be narrowin’ crazy there, my fellow Toronto amigo.

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1. You’re constantly taking photos of the CN Tower for Instagram

What are you, a tourist? Please just refrain from snapping shots while driving on the Gardiner.

2. You’re a Toronto Maple Leafs fan

Whether they win or lose, you’ll always be a die-hard Leafs fan.

3. You actually have visited tourist attractions

You’ve been inside the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium, the ROM, Casa Loma, and every other attraction in Toronto that exists.

Photo cred – Franklyn Wu

4. You’re a regular at Fresh

Vegetarian or not, you crave for their quinoa onion rings and fresh bowls.

5. You’re always updated on the coolest events in Toronto

Your friends depend on you to give the latest scoop on free concerts and free exhibitions.

6. You have a love-hate relationship with the TTC

I choose to ride the TTC for the one thing it’s done right, not all the things it’s done wrong.

7. You know the streets of Toronto by heart

Your out-of-Toronto friends rely on you for directions.

8. You know when and where big TV shows and movies are being filmed

And you actually go celebrity-spotting.

Photo cred – Juan Luis

9. You always keep your brows or your beard on point

Every true Torontonian has good brows or a good beard.

10. You love dogs

Every time you spot a dog, you find the necessity to interrupt your conversation and point out the cute ’lil pup over there.

11. You’re always out and about in Toronto night life

Beer, beer, and more beer.

12. You shop for all your clothes at the Black Market

If you don’t wear vintage clothes, are you even a true Torontonian?

13. You own and wear merch from Toronto Sports teams

Are you really a Jays fan or does that hat just match your outfit?

Photo cred – Zephyr McIntyre

14. You listen to Drake

You the fuckin’ best, Toronto.

15. You’re always talking about how much you love Toronto

Popular phrases include, “Toronto is so great!” and “There are so many good places to eat here!

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