You grew up in a small town/ village/ GTA and now live in the big city. When you moved here, chances are you were like a lost puppy, desperately trying to find your way around. But now, you've lived here a while and you're finally learning the ropes, heck you'd even go as far as to call yourself a "Torontonian".

Toronto is a hard adjustment for newcomers, no matter where you're from. It takes a while to get used to the lights, the noise, the people, the smells...

Here are 11 signs you're finally getting the hang of this whole Toronto thing.

Photo cred-Meaghen Seagrave

1. You don't ask for directions, you give them.

A couple approaches you with a lost expression on their faces. They must be tourists. They're looking to get to the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and you realize, to your delight, you actually know where that is. You proudly direct them in the right direction. You must have actually looked like you knew where you were going for once in your life. Time to get rid of the GPS, you obviously don't need it.

Photo cred-Rigers Rukaj

2. You can navigate the TTC with ease.

Subways? Check. Streetcars? Yes. Busses. Duh. You've taken all forms of the TTC and managed to do so without getting too lost. You recognize major landmarks as subway stops and know the fastest routes to get to your favourite bars. Congrats! You've even joined in on whining about the TTC. How much more Toronto can you get?

Photo cred- Bon Eats

3. You have a "regular"  coffee shop, brunch place etc.

Whether it's your go-to coffee shop on your way to class, or the bar where the bouncers know you by name. You have found that one place that has become a staple in your life. You can be found their every weekend, and chances are have managed to snag some perks.

Photo cred- Dan Cronin

4. You no longer jump when the Believe Man yells.

You all know who i'm talking about. The sweet man who passionately yells "Believe" at everyone that passes by, frequently making them jump out of their skin? He no longer phases you! You've even made friends with him! He is a total sweetheart!

Photo cred-Duane Schermerhorn

5. Typical Toronto tourist spots have lost their appeal.

You actually want to go to the aquarium again? Seriously? You've hit up all of the tourist locations and are a bit sick of them. You can only go to the CN tower so many times before you get tired of it. Besides I can see it from my balcony thank you very much.

Photo cred-Scott Rogers

6. You have learned there are cooler places to shop than the Eaton Centre.

Sure the Eaton Centre is convenient with everything under one roof, but there are far more interesting and unique places to shop. Queen West, Yorkville, the Annex? Toronto has an abundance of cute little shops and thrift stores. Why stick to the familiarity of name brands when there's a whole city of undiscovered treasure for you to uncover.

Photo cred-Hans Georg Fischer

7. You can no longer stand silence.

Toronto, no matter what time it may be, is never quiet. There is always the slight buzz of traffics, the chatter of tourists or sirens wailing in the distance. It's something you've grown to appreciate and no can't live without it. The peaceful silence of suburbia is just eerie now.

Photo cred-Anchor Shop

8. You have mastered the slang and pop culture references.

Runnin' through the 6ix with my woes? You totally get that. And you don't even listen to Drake! Living here a while, you've picked up on Toronto's quirky vocab and have actually found yourself using it. You can quote Drake and reference Rob Ford with the best of them. Plus, you know that true Torontonians know it's pronounced " Torono".

9.You own a piece of clothing for The Leafs or The Blue Jays.

While living in Toronto, do as the Torontonians do. Deck yourself out in blue and white, despite the fact that you've never seen a game in your life. No one needs to know. You've got a closet full of Jays hats and Hockey Jerseys to whip out at a moments notice.

Photo cred-Es.mond

10. You call yourself a Torontonian.

You've officially made it!