Photo cred - Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

The Toronto resident is a complex person. Much like anyone else, they all have their own dreams, aspirations, and drives. But there are certain things that bond us all together. Things that will melt any Torontonian's exterior and make them into your new best friend. These are universal Toronto truths.

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A Metropass

Not having to shill out $130 a month will instantly make any Torontonian your new best friend.

Getting Them Tickets To The Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival

Torontonains love beer, and the Roundhouse Beer Festival is all about it. Beer makers from all over the province come to town to showcase their delicious ales. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

Smiling On The Subway

Getting another human being to acknowledge you on the TTC is like turning into a gopher. It's damn near impossible, so when you make eye contact with someone, smile, and they actually smile back, it's a big fucking deal.

Photo cred - Terroni

Surprising Them With A Treat From Sud Forno

Because all you need in life is a Mini Cannoli.

Offering Them A Ride Home

Note: This only works if you're not a creepy stranger. But after a long night out, the prospect of dragging yourself all the way home by streetcar, or wasting all of your money on a cab feels pretty bleak. If you're a friend with a car, and you haven't been drinking, help a brother out.

Dinner At Mother's Dumplings

Mother's Dumplings are the best in town, so treating a Torontonian to some of that yumminess will instantly put you on their good list.

Taking Them To A Drake Show

Toronto is all about Drake, so getting to see him next time he`s in town will make any resident of this city`s day.

Tuning Up Their Fixie

Toronto loves its fixed gear bicycles, and nothing's worse than not being able to ride yours because it's being funky. Anyone who has the skills to fix it is a hero in a Torontonain's eyes.

Photo cred - WoofBC

Letting Them Dog Sit

Everyone here is obsessed with dogs, but not all of us can afford one of their own. That's where dog sitting comes in. If you have a cute, cuddly puppy, and you want a Torontonain to be friends with you, just let them hang out with it a bit, and they'll be forever indebted to you.

Getting Them Ice Cream From Ed's Real Scoop

Because why would you not want gummy bears on your ice cream?

Grabbing Their Beer For Them

Having to make the trip to the LCBO is a struggle all Torontonians know well. If you want one of them to love you forever, pick it up for them and save them the hassle.