In the day and age of wanderlust Instagram accounts, the desire to travel is at an all time high. Unfortunately, it can also get pricey quick these days so jetting off across the world constantly isn't a reality many of us live in.

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Luckily Ontario is full of gorgeous spots that range from in landscapes, landmarks, and terrains. From forests and crystal blue waters to towns that look like they are straight from Europe, these 11 spots will convince your followers you've got frequent flier points to burn! 

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BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir // 61 Claireville Dr

This gorgeous temple is located in the GTA, and its stunning architecture can trick your followers into thinking you made a quick trip to India! Though, if you do plan to add this spot to your bucket list, make sure to be respectful as it is a place of worship!

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Casa Loma // 1 Austin Terrace

Casa Loma naturally looks like it's been plucked straight out of a Scotland countryside and placed in the city. The castle is a perfect muse for your next insta and will have your friends thinking you went to Europe without them!

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Le Select Bistro // 432 Wellington St W

Not only does this spot have authentic French cuisine and an amazing collection of wine, but it truly is a little slice of Paris in Toronto! The space pays some serious homage to Parisian decor and inspo and makes for a great photo that looks like it's been taken straight from France!

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Sugar Beach // 11 Dockside Dr

Sugar Beach is a great option in the city if you are lusting after a vacation in the Bahamas or Cuba. The iconic pink umbrellas will be a dead giveaway that you're still in Toronto but give it a little crop and people will be wondering how you have all this time to travel across the globe!

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Centreville, Toronto Islands

Coney Island who?? Centreville is an extremely underrated spot seeing as most people see it as a space mainly for kids. The mini theme park hosts some great options for adults as well as an adorable Ferris wheel and sky ride that gives off some serious Coney Island vibes.

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Georgian Bay Grotto, Ontario  

If you're down for a drive, this spot is a few hours outside of the city and hosts the Canadian version of cenotés, found in places like Tulum, Mexico! So save yourself the 5-hour flight and check out this spot instead!

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Port Dover Beach // 2 Walker St

Who knew Canadian beaches could house palm trees? The rare sighting definitely will trick many into thinking you've jetted off to a beach far from the city but in reality, you've only driven a few hours out!

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Tobermory, Ontario

This well known spot is widely admired regardless of its distance from the city for good reason. Between the rocky shores and picturesque landscape, I personally still can't believe this place exists in Canada!

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Perth, Ontario

If you are craving a trip to Europe but can't justify the plane fees or the long flight times, check out Perth! The small town hosts gorgeous architecture that is extremely reminiscent of European spots like Paris or Italy!

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Scarborough Bluffs // 61 Under Cliff Dr

The Bluffs give off some serious Vancouver vibes with a fraction of the travel time. Not only is the spot great for hikes and exploring the area, but also makes for some wicked photos that will surely trick your followers into thinking you flew West.

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Niagara On The Lake, Ontario 

Niagara on the lake is a great idea if you want to experience Italian wineries but don't want to or can't afford to fly to Italy! The bike-and-wine tours can be found on Groupon for ridiculously low prices and make for a great day trip that appears on your Instagram as if you flew to Sicily!