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11 Spots That Prove South Eastern Ontario Is The Ultimate Destination For A Weekend Escape

Because we all need a weekend to recharge.

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Ahh summer! There's no better time to get out and enjoy what this amazing country has to offer. The nature, the views, the beaches - we Canadians are truly #blessed!

And the best part of summer? The excuse to take a quick weekend escape from the bustling city and treat yourself to a lil vacay. And although all of Ontario is highkey gorgeous, one area of Ontario that truly does not get the credit it deserves is South Eastern Ontario

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This gorgeous portion of the province is perfect if you're looking to go on vacation without leaving the province. With pristine beaches, picturesque hiking trails, perfect spots to camp and a whole lot more, choosing a spot on this list is a summertime adventure waiting to happen!

1. Discover Sandbanks Provincial Park In Prince Edward County

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Ever dreamed of discovering a beach with soft sand and crystal blue waters? In South Eastern Ontario, that dream is a legit reality.

Although there are many, many beautiful beaches lining the area, one in particular - Sandbanks Provincial Park, situated in Prince Edward County, Ontario - offers everything you could possibly want in a beautiful beach! Take a little dip in the beautiful waters, build a sand castle, go paragliding or stand up paddling... the possibilities are endless!

2. Adventure Through Hell Holes Nature Trails And Cave In Lennox & Addington

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Spend your weekend checking out the views and cool nature trails and enjoying the nice weather... but don't miss the main attraction: a 7M deep cave that feels right out of a spooky movie.

It's such a unique experience, and it's even located right outside of Centreville so you can still have the comforts of a city at night!

3. Soar Through The Air In Gananoque

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Yup, that's right: Gananoque is so awesome it deserves an ENTIRE point dedicated to it. Gananoque is an adorable town situated in South Eastern Ontario. It's got tons of super fun things to discover and is an awesome place to relax!

It also happens to be the perfect place to go SKY-DIVING! There's a bunch of companies that you can check out, like Skydivegan and Dropzone, that will take you way up above the clouds before letting you plummet to the ground. Maybe too terrifying for a wimp like me, but definitely something to check out if you like a thrill!

4. Hike To Lake On The Mountain Provincial Park 

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This is my favourite spot on the list. There is truly nothing as serene as the Lake on the Mountain in South Eastern Ontario's Prince Edward County. This is rightfully called one of Ontario's most beautiful natural wonders and it more than lives up to the claim.

It's literally a lake... on a mountain. Sounds a little basic, but trust, the vibe her is unbeatable. Plus it's not too bad of a hike - and especially worth it considering you are greeted by this huge beautiful lake, with some of the clearest waters in the province and a view that defies all logic!

5. Let You Worries Melt Away At The Manse Boutique Inn & Spa 

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After grabbing nature by the horns and exploring much of South Eastern Ontario's great outdoors, take a second for yourself and relax at the Manse Boutique Inn and Spa. Located in the picturesque Prince Edward County, Ontario - this spot is a little oasis waiting to be enjoyed.

It's a beautiful building and property (hello Insta gems!) that doubles as an inn. So if a massage and afternoon isn't enough, you can stay there for the whole weekend to truly unwind!

6. Boat Through The 1000 Islands

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1000 Islands is legit one of the most beautiful spots in Canada. Sharing a border with the US, 1000 Islands is made up of - you guessed it - over 1000 islands in the St. Lawrence river. And each of them offer unparalleled views of the river!

Maybe the best way to experience South Eastern Ontario's 1000 Islands? A boat tour! Stunning views, glittering waters and interesting facts - what more could you possibly want? Time things right so that you are on the tour for the sunset - trust me, you totally will not regret it!

7. Discover Brockville In All Its Splendour 

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Okay, there's literally so much to do and see in Brockville that it's a little difficult to narrow down just one adventure in particular. The truth is that Brockville (which some call Brock-Vegas!) is an absolute must stop town when you're discovering South Eastern Ontario.

Why? It's chalk full of fun! From the Brock Trail (Brockville's downtown hiking trail) to the Brockville Tunnel (Canada's first railway tunnel, hidden beneath the city) and everything in between, Brockville is one of many amazing spots to visit in the region!

8. Enjoy Every Last Bit Of Prince Edward County

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Prince Edward County consists of small towns like Picton and Wellington - but more broadly, the County is basically every glutton's paradise.

If you love food and wine, PEC is the place to be. There are many wine tours spread out all over this region South Eastern Ontario, and especial and they as beautiful as they are unknown. Seriously, a crisp chardonnay while enjoying basically a whole wineyard to yourself - does it get better than that!? No, no it doesn't!

9. Scuba Dive In Kingston

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Straight-up, there are about a million and one fun things to do in Kingston, Ontario. Seriously, you could visit a piece of Canadian history at Fort Henry, or even drop by a National Historic Site Of Canada, the Kingston Penitentiary.

But by far one of the most fun things to do in Kingston? Scuba dive! This waterfront town is home to many, many different opportunities to dive right into the water and discover all the St. Lawrence's hidden secrets!

10. Hike To The Top Of Rock Dunder

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Ah, Rock Dunder. This breathtaking spot is technically part of the Rideau Heritage Route, a scenic route that starts in Kingston, and winds all the way through to Ottawa along the Rideau Canal.

But Rock Dunder is truly something special. Although it's a little bit of a hike to the top, the reward you get at the top is more than worth the trek. Let's just say that this "top of the world" view is not something you're likely to forget - ever!

11. Camp Away At Land O'Lakes

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Every nature lover's dream come true, Land O'Lakes is the perfect outdoor paradise to fish (including in the wintertime, when they offer ice fishing!), jog, hike or even camp.

There are a ton of camping options in the area whether you're an RV'er, love the GLAMping lifestyle or prefer the traditional roughing it. And no matter what site you land on you'll be greeted with amazing views and stunning warm lakes to hang out in.

Whatever you need in terms of a little quick vacation, South Eastern Ontario has you covered.

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From awesome up and coming food and wine scenes, to amazing things to discover outdoors - no matter what you want to do in order to fully enjoy a getaway, you'll find exactly what you need here!

Check out the South Eastern Ontario Tourism website for more information; or follow them on their Instagram page to find out more details and plan your trip for this summer!