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11 Surefire Signs You're A Modern Day Grinch

Sorry, not sorry!
11 Surefire Signs You're A Modern Day Grinch

Although some may deem it the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays is most definitely not for everyone.  This time of year comes with a lot of pressure and high expectations. Whether it's finding the right gift for somebody, hosting a holiday party, seeing extended family, or dealing with snow, the holidays can conjure up some serious anxiety.

For those of you who are less than jolly about the holiday season, you may in fact be a modern day grinch! And realistically, that's totally fine.  The grinch was a sassy guy, with a big (and misunderstood heart).  So, if you're ready for the holidays to be over, then maybe it's time to distract yourself and embrace your inner fuzzy green grinch!

1. When you see that people have a real Christmas tree, all that you can think of is how long it will take to clean up all the needles.

I hope you have a vacuum on hand!

2. Everytime holiday music comes on the radio, you quickly change the station.

No Mariah, all I want for Christmas is NOT YOU.

3. You avoid shopping malls, plazas and Christmas markets at all costs.

I will pass on parking lot wars, thank you though!

4. You miss the fall drink menus the moment the red cups at Starbucks come out.

Salted Caramel Mocha > Peppermint Mocha.

5. Dogs in Santa costumes don't amuse you, not in the slightest.

Oh wow, what a talented creature. It's really great that your dog can wear a coat you velcroed onto him.

6. You view all holiday lights as an absurd waste of energy.

RIP to your hydro bill.

7. The thought of extended family coming over Christmas instantly gives you anxiety.

Yes, I am still single. Thank you very much for pointing that out aunt Cathy.

8. You are the first person on your Christmas list every year.

Treat yo'self, right?

9. When you see snow outside all you can think of is how salt stained your shoes will be.

Slush is so beautiful this time of year.

10.  The idea of having to participate in a work-related Secret Santa is seriously stressful.

Oh, another Bath and Body Works gift basket? You shouldn't have!

11. You're covered in green fur and live at the top of a mountain with your dog max.

If this point is relatable then you probably are the grinch himself.

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