11 Things Every "Basic" Toronto Girl Does During The Holiday Season

11 Things Every "Basic" Toronto Girl Does During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially upon us! Whether you are embracing it with open arms and are already blaring Mariah Carey's Christmas album or are having some trouble accepting the fact Summer is officially over, there is no denying that Christmas is only 46 short days away! 

Whether you embrace the inner basic you become during the Christmas season or refuse to acknowledge it, it's clear that Toronto girls tend to follow the same path of Instagram photos, activities and clothing choices come the holiday season. So check out which 11 things are the most notable and see how many you do when the snow starts to fall! 

1. Pulls out the ever so popular Aritzia blanket scarf from the back of their closet to wear for the entire chilly season. 

While I can't seem to wear this scarf off without it looking as if it is either strangling me or is trying to take over my entire head, I can get why people wear it so often. I mean.. it's literally a $90 scarf ... you've gotta justice that price somehow. 

2. Visits the Distillery Christmas Market for an Instagram photo to celebrate the holiday season. 

You are lying if you say you trek out to the Christmas Market and freeze your butt off solely in the name of Christmas cheer. It definitely plays a big role in it, but the ample amount of Instagram opportunities were definitely not not on your radar when you planned to visit with your bff in coordinated outfits. 

3. Takes a snap of the massive Christmas tree in Eaton Centre once it's unveiled for the season. 

I mean the tree definitely does scream "take an Instagram of me" considering it's legit the biggest indoor tree in all of America (take that giant inflatable duck). 

4. Rolls up to all functions looking like the Michelin man in their goose jacket. 

Listen, I'm allowed to say that because I was that girl pulling up literally looking like a snowball... but at least I was a warm snowball ok!?

5. Binge watches every and any holiday-themed movie available on Netflix. 

This may be basic but basic doesn't mean it's lame or not fun! There is nothing wrong with spending an obscene amount of hours binge-watching holiday movies. 

6. Goes skating at one of these Toronto rinks. 

Nothing says #winter and #sports like a classic IG pic at a rink am I right?!

7. Visits the Evergreen Winter Village. 

The Distillery Christmas Market's "indie" cousin. 

8. Pulls out their UGG boots for the season (that will be worn everyday until at least mid-April) 

Salt stains and all, girls wear these like they are never going out of style even though they literally look like you are wearing loaves of bread on your feet. 

9. Attempts to make a gingerbread house. 

For some reason the Christmas season makes every girl feel as though they've got to pull Martha Stewarts and bake all these elaborate desserts. 90% of the time most girls just settle on making a gingerbread house that they never actually eat because who TF actually wants to eat stale icing and gingerbread?  

10. Spends way too much money on Christmas themed food and drinks. 

Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Please. More like peppermint mochas, Christma-fied anything and candy cane everything. 

11. Lives in the Roots sweatpants and socks combo once exam season hits. 

The unofficial uniform of Canadian girls who have given up.