We all know that the 1990's were a simpler time in Toronto long before it was known as the "6ix". In recent years people have taken pride in being a 90's baby since it was such an important time for advances in technology and all around cool time in history.

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Being born in the midst of an amazing decade has only made you cooler. We can remember the days of playing on the lawn without supervision, using MSN to message our crushes, and watching some of the most classic Disney Channel shows known to man. We were blessed tacky birthday parties and strange clothes because hey, '95 was quite a time.

So if you're from the year 1995 and grew up in Toronto, keep one of the most well-rounded people in the world. Here are 11 things that make 1995 babies the ultimate 90's kids.

You think Blockbuster is better than Netflix.

Sure you don't need to leave the house for Netflix, but Blockbuster was where it was at! A stop at the video shop was essential before any movie night, plus you could pick up snacks while you were there!

You wish commercials were as high-quality as before.

Remember when we actually learned valuable lessons from commercials? Canadian television in the 90's was known for advertisements like the North American House Hippo, Smart As You Talking Television, and Stay Alert, Stay Safe! Advertisements now just seem like a waste of our time.

You never call it the Rogers Centre.

Skydome now and forever, no matter what. Even though Rogers bought the dome in 2005, calling it the Skydome for 10 years really left it engrained in our memory. Not to mention that an arena with a retractable roof should have something to do with the sky, not a communications company!

You still mess up the rides at Canada's Wonderland.

Previous Paramount Canada's Wonderland, you still mess up the names of rides that are at Canada's Wonderland. After it was purchased by Cedar Fair, the amusement park had to change many rides names to avoid copyright. Top Gun (Flight Deck) and Tombraider (Time Warp) are still stuck in your head even though you were never old enough to ride them under those names!

 You were never old enough to go to MTV Live.

Beiber my f^cking balls, man. Being born in 1995 never made us the 18 years or older to attend these live tapings and we're still bitter about it!

You can remember simpler gaming technology.

What do you mean an iPad at the dinner table? We were lucky if our GameBoy colour even made it out of the house when we were going to eat at Fran's! When technology was big and clunky most people were not looking to lug it around with them.

You still own all your MuchDance CDs.

Dating back to 1998' you've got a solid collection of MuchDance CDs and some wicked dance routines choreographed to them. Did you know that these CDs are actually still made? Maybe it's time to update your collection!

You wish you could go back to Ontario Place.

Remember those hot summer days spent by the Ontario Place pool? Sure Ontario Place was lame when you were a kid but there is nothing we want more now than to be able to slide down the waterslides one more time.

You still want Cotton Ginny Jeans.

Since Cotton Ginny was at its prime during the 90's in Canada there is nothing we appreciate more than a good mom/dad jean. Everyone rocked these frumpy, high-waists and now that they're back in style, we wish Cotton Ginny had survived through early 2000's.

You spent every March Break at The Hockey Hall Of Fame.

Who knows why but every parent had the same idea every March. You know that it was, of course, followed up with Wayne Gretzky's for dinner to look at more memorabilia while you eat.

You fit in with all Torontonians, old and new.

Since you were born in the midst of the decade you don't need to worry about fitting in. You can remember when the Skydome was renamed to the Rogers centre and when Yonge and Dundas became a square. Yet, your love for the city runs so deep you love informing new Toronto citizens about these blasts from the past.