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11 Things You Should Never Say To A UTSC Student

Just please stop talking RN.

While it seems like everyone wants to go to U of T, most cringe at the thought of attending the U of T Scarborough Campus. Tucked away at Morningside and Ellesmere it's unaffectionately thought of as the lowest-tier campus of all the U of T schools. What people don't seem to understand is that we have our own little world in Scarborough and just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's not badass.

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If you’re a true UTSC'er, you're used to people ragging on you and you've probably developed a thick skin to it. But deep down it really bugs you when others make false, ignorant, and stereotypical comments about our school. No matter what year or program you’re in, all UTSC students can agree that they hate hearing people continuously talking crap. So to everyone who doesn't go to UTSC can you kindly take several seats and stop making these ridiculous comments?

"So you couldn't make it into St. George, huh?"

This has to be the number 1 most annoying thing any UTSC student ever hears! First off, UTSC is a co-op campus and therefore has some really unique courses and opportunities that are exclusive to Scarborough. People are traveling to third-world countries, interning at top companies and organization, and learning from some of the industry's best -- all while getting paid and earning credits. So despite what you may think, students actually choose UTSC over all other schools (and U of T campuses) because it's a strategic way to get experience before we graduate.

"Isn't UTSC in the ghetto?"

I don't know why people hear Scarborough Campus and automatically think danger. In all the years that I've personally been at UTSC, not once have I encountered someone panhandling, sleeping on the streets, offering me crack, or trying to shank me. Toronto on the other hand... let's just say you'll be lucky to make it a couple of blocks uninterrupted. UTSC is a safe place where you don't really need to be concerned about much. I mean I did recently get an email about an increased raccoon presence on campus... terrifying.

"Didn't the Scarborough Rapist go to UTSC? That's pretty messed up."

Okay, so Paul Bernardo did go and graduate from UTSC. Just don't bring this up to UTSC students, we're sensitive about this, okay?!? The faculty has to keep taking down the graduates of 1987 plaque because student keep defacing Bernardo's picture. And for all of you who keep talking about the ghost of the Scarborough Rapist... well he isn't even dead. Uhhh, let's just stop talking about this one and move on.

"OMG there's so many FOBs at that campus, right?"

So we have a large international student population! Is that a problem? I personally appreciate having such an eclectic and diverse campus because you end up learning so much about the world, without ever stepping foot in another country. A side benefit is, when you finally plan that backpacking trip, you have a ton of couches to crash on!

"UTSC is way easier than UTSG."

I wish this one was true, but sadly UTSC students work just as hard and are just as stressed as any other U of T student. Trust me, no one gets that diploma without blood, sweat, and tears. So stop insulting our hard work by claiming that things are so easy over here.

"U of T Scarborough is such a high school."

No, high school is such a high school. UTSC, on the other hand, is a school with like 13, 000 students, so unless you went to the most massive high school ever, let's just all agree that UTSC is a university. Yes, it's a smaller school compared to the sprawling downtown campus but the beauty of it is, that you can walk down the halls and actually see some familiar faces. You may also bump into your profs in the Starbucks line and have them actually recognize you, if not greet you by name.

"So you don't REALLY go to U of T?"

Actually, yes we do. Last I checked we all have a T-Card, a UTORid, and our diplomas will say Universiy of Toronto. U of T is a tri-campus school so when you go to one, you go to all. People love to shame UTSC student's like the red headed step child but we actually do go to U of T. Stoping hating everyone (I'm looking at you UTSG'ers).

"What college are you in?"

Listen, that's not a thing here. We don't have colleges, factions, houses, or any other dividing groups. We are a nice little inclusive bunch around these parts. So no, we aren't in a college and we don't need to be. Stop asking.

"UTSC is boring."

If we're keeping it real here, U of T, in general, isn't much of a party school. Sure there are events and parties you can find in and around campus, but most people just take advantage of the Toronto nightlife. It's the same for us here in Scarborough. Although as any UTSC'er knows the SCSU does host some seriously good parties when you do decide to go. Plus Thursday nights in South Res are always a messy but fun time.

"Your campus is so ugly compared to St. George."

Please, please, please never say this to a UTSC'er. We have had a crazy amount of tuition hikes that have paid for the construction of new buildings and facilities all over campus. While some places look a little prison-like (what up, H-Wing basement) most of the new campus buildings are works of art. Getting study space in the IC or the new ESCB is next to impossible because they're such nice buildings. We might not have Hogwarts but living in a glass paradise ain't so bad either.

"Where is that?"

I'm sorry, what? It's literally called U of T Scarborough... what's not to get? Also, if you haven't heard of Scarborough I think you might have some other problems. Please open a book or check out a map.

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