Some people think past relationships are a sign of failure and wasted time. I'd like to give you a tip, instead of despising your ex for breaking your heart, thank them for teaching you a life lesson.

University relationships are one of a kind because they teach you things you didn't know before. From the positive things to the negative things, these relationships will impact the way you think and make you a stronger and better person.

Everything happens for a reason, therefore you should never regret the past. Rather than looking back and hating yourself for that poisonous relationship, say thank you for the lessons it has taught you. Here's a list of 11 things you will learn or have learned from university relationships:

1. Time management

University relationships improve your time management skills. You end up learning how to balance school work and quality time with your significant other. It's important to use your time wisely and manage your schedule efficiently in order to keep up with school work and have a healthy relationship.

2. Importance of alone time

When you're in a relationship in university, you learn to appreciate alone time. If the two of you live walking distance away, you might end up spending "too much" time together. You need to have alone time or else you'll end up causing damage to your relationship. Alone time will also teach you how not to become dependent on another person to determine your happiness.

3. Impulse

You'll learn how to control your sexual desires in university. The abundance of parties with alcohol may have you making stupid decisions (cheating, one night stands) you'll regret the next morning. Many people will learn how to resist temptation and control their hormones after university years.

4. Priorities

University relationships will help you realize the priorities in life. Being all lovey dovey with your significant can be cute and all, but it's not so cute when you're failing classes. In the real world, it's important to prioritize because Netflix and chill won't pay the bills.

5. Love yourself

In order to be happy in a relationship, you need to love yourself. University will teach you how to appreciate yourself, be yourself and love your self for who you truly are.

6. Communication

University relationships will improve your communication skills with your significant other. You'll have the unnecessary fights that will teach you how to resolve problems maturely and rationally.

7. Fulfil goals

Your significant other should inspire you to fulfil your goals, therefore it's important to find someone who will make you a better person. In university you learn how to differentiate the healthy kind of relationship from the poisonous one that needs to be eliminated from your life.

8. People aren't possessions.

University relationships will make you realize you can't control someone. Living away from home gives you and your significant other lot of freedom which can create trust issues when you're not together. If your significant other is doing something you don't like, that simply means your not meant for each other.

9. You can't change your S/O

People don't change, they adapt to one another. University relationships will make you realize there is no way in hell you can change someone. In order for there to be a change, the person needs to have the desire to change to solve the issues in your relationship.

10. The difference between lust and love

Lust will eventually fade but love should last forever. After some university relationships you may realize that you were infatuated with the idea of someone, rather than the person they truly were themselves.

11. Forgiveness

People make irrational decisions in university while they're in relationships. Your S/O might have cheated on you and broke your heart but everything happens for a reason. Some people come into our lives to teach us a lesson and learn how to say goodbye. University relationships will help you realize you need to forgive and ultimately let go of your past in order to be happy in your next relationship.

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