Let's be real, Torontonians take their ice cream pretty seriously.  In recent years Toronto has stepped up their dessert game, especially when it comes to frozen treats.  Whether we cover it in cotton candy, or wrap it in a churro, Toronto seems to see no limits.

Although, we are not complaining! who doesn't love a decadent frozen treat on a hot summer's day?!  This list is for those who are looking for an over-the top-challenge.  We dare you to try all these crazy cones by the end of the summer, are you game? ?

(Yes, I did just give you an excuse to fuel your ice cream addiction)

1. Cotton Candy Topped Soft Serve // Dolce 21 Dessert House 

You can barely even see the ice cream under this crazy cloud of cotton candy!

2. Blueberry Dipped Cone // Dairy Cream

This honestly looks like it was made out of Smurfs, but it is somehow still very appealing?

3. Honeycomb Ice Cream // Fugo Desserts

There is a real honeycomb stuffed into this ice cream, I don't think I need to further explain.

4. Ice cream wrapped in waffles // Bang Bang Ice Cream

Bang Bang took the waffle cone to the next level, and we are not mad about it.

Photo cred -@tastesto

5. Strawberry Golden Toast // Petit Potato 

This is basically just a mountain of ice cream / absolute work of art.

6. Chimney Cones // Eva's Original Chimneys

This is easily the trendiest dessert of 2016, why not fill a donut cone with soft serve?!

7. Taro and Matcha Twist Parfeit // Moji

Who needs to go camping when you're green tea ice cream is topped with a roasted marshmallow?

8. Krusty The Cone // Sweet Jesus

It would be a sin to not include Sweet Jesus on this list.

9. Donut Ice Cream Sandwich // Uncle Betty's

Ice cream nestled between two powdered donuts, an excuse to eat two desserts at one time!

Photo cred -@_hannahgracem

10. Thai Ice Cream // Arctic Bites

This ice cream is honestly better looking than I am.

11. Ice Cream Taco // Booyah Inc.

I would not recommend wearing a white shirt while eating this.

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